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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 3,268

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I have a fun idea

we have tapes of every asshole who broke into the Capitol today. Make this offer-take your chances facing prison or surrender US citizenship-meaning no more voting and a life long ban from DC. Let's see how dedicated they really are.


12:46 am East Coast. Received $600 direct deposit from stimulus!

I just heard Israel named a wine after Mike Pompeo

-funny, I thought Mad Dog 2020 was already taken!

Here's the thing

for the last day or so if I saw something funny I laughed and then went on...I didn't revert to angry or worried, I just laughed and moved on with no reservation or sorrow. I laughed and smiled and knew things could be funnier and happier and better. it wasn't promised but merely likely...and son of a bitch, that's good enough for now!

Both sides...

I get the impulse to try to appear "balanced". But in truth it's as if a dem and a GOP enter a room, and suddenly with no provocation the GOPer delivers a devastating kick crushing the Dems testicles. The Dem screams in total overwhelming agony. Later Tucker Carlson cites both sides "Sure the Gop caused real medical damage but at the same time the Dem screamed and the Goper insists that it hurt his ears...

If Hunter Biden was a grifting criminal

and went on to win a Nobel Prize, Why can't Donald Trump get one?

For yuiyoshida

Only foreign language song to ever top Billboard's top 100 chart in the US:

Not the hard stuff you enjoy but I thought you might like this...

She wasn't "canonized"

Only because the cops had no cannons-but they had plenty of handguns which they used-dare I say it-liberally...

All the Trumpettes are screaming about "anonymous sources"

And asking why if it's true they won't identify themselves-I have three words for them: The Vindman Brothers. One told the truth and was punished and the other was punished just for being his brother. I'd like to ask them when "the White House" started talking, as in "White House Walks Back Trump's Statement". Or is Trump incapable of walking back his own statements (he is indeed totally unable to do so) and therefore uses anonymous sources and names them "the White House". If you morons want to play in the big leagues the rules have to apply to both sides-who is the lowly staffer tasked to contradict the words coming out of Trump's mouth and is the source kept anonymous to prevent the main moron from reprisals against them?

My cousin is a retired cop

And he hates when I criticize police. Recently I posted this in an FB thread:

"Not exactly Jay....the thing I promote is this-any cop who ignores any abuse is guilty of a crime and there is no "gray area" allowing that. To a degree you are correct in that if the same scrutiny was applied to sanitation workers or postmen just as many would be found wanting. But you applied for a badge and a gun and a car with a "protect and serve" logo. You claim to be held to a higher standard? Of course you are-you alone can cripple or kill any perceived threat. You have the power to arrest and by the act alone damage someones life. A bad sanitation worker leaves garbage laying on the lawn and a bad postman delays your mail but a bad cop damages, wounds, or kills. I don't expect the media to publish my outrage that my Walmart circular is a day late but I'm glad they tell me when a cop shoots a guy 7 times in the back or smothers a naked unarmed mentally ill black man. To be a good cop is only possible if every other cop on that force is a good cop. A gay moonwalking child molester suggested that "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, Babe" in direct contravention of wise conventional wisdom that states it DOES. Here is the thing Jay-even past any misbehavior you were allowed to practice "discretion" meaning you chose who got punished and who walked away uncharged and undamaged. That is a God-like power and humans rarely use it fairly. You may have and I hope that is the case. You seem not to like the current coverage of police abuse, if I am wrong please tell me in what forum fairness comes. The press reports, cops are suspended, and in the worst cases cops are charged. If you have a valid alternative I'd like to hear it."
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