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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 3,268

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Time for a strategy move

Joe Biden needs to find a media ally and let them "accidentally" catch him on a hot mike derisively referring to Trump as "Bunker Bitch". Once caught he should apologize and state "That was a personal remark never meant for publication. I apologize that it was aired but not for my personal feelings!"...leave it lie there until the next time Trump uses names like Sleepy Joe or Crazy Nancy and then turn it loose-"Hey-I thought Bunker Boy was opposed to name calling. He complained about it when I did it privately yet he does it in public! " Here's the thing-the first time only it's Bunker Bitch but after that always Bunker Boy which is funnier and less vicious, but Trump will remember bunker bitch every single time and others won't and bunker boy WILL stick and drive him slowly even more insane. He'll have to either stop name-calling or meltdown-I see no other possible outcomes...

Once a year...,

For my brother Brian, 1st of the 506th 101 Airborne RVN 70-71...

One bad might 26 Jun 1970


Every year I visit this wall and think about the horror of that night and pray for Brian and all the other survivors. I ain't been there and most likely neither have you. Picnics and summer are a good things to celebrate but take just a short time and reflect on what was asked (or demanded) of men who were barely past childhood a half century ago.

MSNBC it's the republicans vs the democrats,

the economy vs public health....No it's greed vs the loss of human life. Fuck both siderism. There is no equivalence when one side is a death cult.

Working on a pork roast...

I marinaded with McCormick Applewood Smoke and rotisserie broiled. I want to machine slice and rewarm in gravy for sandwiches. That said I have no pork gravy. I do have beef, chicken, and turkey gravy. Would any of those compliment this roast?

Something that concerns me

I have plenty of families and friends who avoid politics and avoid the news which has always been the case, but lately I see many posters here joining them and even bragging about avoiding following current affairs and telling how very good this has been for reducing tension and stress.
I am reminded of the citizens of post-war Germany when all civilians swore they NEVER supported the Nazis and that they had no idea of the death camps existence. They heard nothing,saw nothing, knew nothing, and smelled nothing even though the smell of death and rot was overwhelming when the wind blew from a certain direction..."I noticed it but after a while I got used to it and it just became one more thing...".
But they knew nothing only because they consciously avoided hearing and seeing and smelling. Human decency demanded that though they could not stop it or perhaps even oppose it their remained a duty to at very least bear witness to the evil revealed before them. And they failed.
After three hard years the media has finally had enough and is beginning to bear witness. While the information that flows is sick and disgusting it is the truth-our leader and much of his party are treasonous criminals driven only to possess wealth and power. They are craven evil and many who support them are good Germans. I have made my decision, I have just two duties, to bear witness and to vote them out. Will you join me or look away?

Here is the Rock you need!

This clown is a moron

All the equipment he wants people to wear at crime scenes is standard-no N95 masks are needed for a client who isn't breathing...

Here is a simple request to every member of congress...

Will you sign a personal "Do not Resuscitate" order to insure do not receive better care than any 60-65 year old constituent?

A Modest Proposal...

Every advocate for ending precautions after 15 days regardless of actual conditions and the advice of experts should be forced to sign a "living will" and have "Do not Resuscitate" tattooed across their chest including all Fox News pundits and the Orange Shitgibbon. Larger font for the Mango Moron and Lou Dobbs.

You remember Uncle Joe...

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