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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
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Stone Cold Bob Mueller ?

Hears noises to kill investigation. Monday Morning-"I have as, an initial move brought individual charges against Jared and Ivanka Kushner for each original omission on their clearance forms. As you know every omission carries a 5 year penalty. Jared Kushner faces a possible sentence of over 500 years. That is all."

A song for Team Trump:

Guy I know was in Vietnam...

Drafted, after advanced training (11B) he was shipped to Vietnam and assigned to the 101st Airborne. During his time there he made 46 combat assaults earning the CIB and an Air Medal. In June of 1970 his unit was overrun. In the morning after medivacs his platoon was himself and one other guy, of the rest 4 were KIA and those listed WIA with one of those dying from his wounds. The two "lucky ones" were either asked or volunteered to stay because the company was so undermanned. Both sucked it up and stayed in the field kissing their purple hearts goodbye since their wounds were treated in the field by other troops. The medics were mostly dead or medivaced with the more serious wounded. This made them eligible to be in place and both fought at the Siege of Firebase Ripcord-the unknown last major unit engagement of the war. It was after the war when he looked back and realized the unfairness. He tried to get his purple heart and a Colonel testified that "He must have been wounded-they all were." No purple heart. His bronze star was "for actions in the area"-no V device because no officer kept score. He was 4 combat assaults short so no cluster on the air medal. And as a final insult he was denied airmobile wings despite the assaults he made because he never qualified in the states to make those assaults...

That is how they found a guy to award a Medal of Honor to. He is for real, the award is for real, only the President is a fake. And Captain Rose is only one of thousands owed awards and more for actions never publicly revealed or praised. That old guy down the road may be one of them.
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