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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 05:13 PM
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Jim Croce Christmas

The Truth

Franken was clearly one of the best and brightest and Gillibrand merely the fastest kangaroo in the court. The party did in fact let us down-they swore an oath to the constitution and then foreswore due process for a colleague who was in fact known as a promoter of women's rights. The other fact let unsaid was that in congress a single male who openly supported women's rights was defacto worth more than a woman who supported the same. And if you were a woman thinking of a 2020 run it might be a real good thing if Franken took a hit. And now he has and less than 10 people in congress are asking Trump to resign. So tell me again-what advantage do I get from being a democrat???

I call it irony chasing it's tail...

Giillibrand loses support here for leading a democratic lynch mob that chases out a champion of women's rights before a scrap of evidence is examined. Today an openly acknowledged asshole writes a suggestive tweet and shock of shocks-all the damage she caused is forgotten and we should all send her candy and sympathy cards??? She chewed an honorable entire career to pieces and a movement was growing to get democrats to ask Franken to stay pending an actual hearing. But the Bastard who is defying attempts to bring him before hearings writes a nasty note to her and as a result Al stays on the outside while Kirsten gets Kudos for what???

Tina Dupuy-the credible one???

From wiki

As a teenager, Dupuy was convinced that she was an alcoholic and joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and would eventually gain prominence for telling the story of her sobriety to AA audiences. Twenty years later, however, having drifted away from the organization, she began to question the interpretation she had been given of her life story, and decided the only way to know for sure whether she was an alcoholic was to have a drink and see what happened. She discussed the process that led to this conclusion in an interview for This American Life.[5]

Dupuy has spoken openly about being born into the cult The Children of God and subsequently being raised in foster care in California.[6] She created the podcast Cultish,[7] in which she interviewed former members of cults and discussed her uncle Rick Dupuy's public defection.[8]

In late 2017, Dupuy joined the #metoo movement when she wrote a story for The Atlantic magazine claiming that Al Franken put his hand on her waist during a photo shoot and squeezed, an incident she considered sexual harrassment.[9]

I missed the contest

But I thought this might work with a few tweeks...
<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=iw239z" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

Democrats did not take the High Road today

Today was an extra-judicial lynching and if that is to be the wonderful new democratic standard-that due process and rule of law are trumped by outraged moralizing and the baying of the pack, than I quit the party and so should every person who would not be willing to become prey for the hunt. I have not been so disappointed in an existing social milieu since my first reading of "To Kill a Mockingbird"...Every concern could have been addressed in a fair and open hearing AS ASKED FOR by the accused and instead this fucking travesty is being celebrated. It is pluperfect horseshit and I am ashamed

Totally horseshit smearing of Al Franken...

2 women publicly identified as tied to the GOP make accusations neither of which rise to the level of a crime and then an entire series of totally anonymous claims by women who swear they are democrats with the latest claiming to be a staffer. And of course all are terrified of the wrath of Al Franken should their identities become known...

I hope every democrat supporting resignation instead of a full and open investigation gets their fucking turn in the smear barrel too because they are assholes (Hope my senator Maggie Hassan is reading this) and will have earned it. You pluperfect jackasses better pray your re-election doesn't come down to my contribution or my vote-both are available to a democrat seeking your job if they show a spine.Go bipartisan yourselves!

It's a technical violation...

You'll hear this more and more as the investigation rolls on. But it's a lie and it's bullshit-if there is a law, and the law spells out the elements of a crime and the law specifies a penalty than there is simple guilt or innocence. You cannot merely "technically" murder or rob or steal or maim. Perhaps the Hatch Act and the Logan Act are underused and under prosecuted but I assure you that a felony is a felony under law no matter what a talking head says.
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