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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
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Irony, metaphor, or hyperbole?

When the republican party became a trainwreck that ran into a garbage truck and the person who suffered most was the working man...

How does the US government spell "Kurd"?

H-M-O-N-G. And we should all be ashamed.

I just used a new term in a post replying to a OP on the shutdown vote

It's a small thing but if you want to frame the debate it might be helpful to refer to the "dreamers" as DACA Americans and force the republicans to explain why giving citizenship to people raised in this country is is a bad idea whereas granting it to children born of Russian women staying in Trump properties is fine.

Mitch McConnell "I got nothing."... N/T

Hey-I found nearly a thousand "illegals" for Republicans to deport.

About 900 undocumented immigrants known as "DREAMers" are currently serving in the United States military, the Pentagon says .
Those service members all of whom have health care or language skills the U.S. military considers vital would be forced to leave the military under Trump policy .
The program waives certain citizenship requirements for green card holders, refugees and DACA recipients with skills that the military considers essential to the national interest.
The group includes doctors, nurses, and service members with proficiency in a language considered to be of strategic importance. Spanish is not one of those languages, but Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Korean are.


Poor Mitch says he doesn't understand...

...and to be comepletly fair this IS the first time he has had to deal with a Democratic party with a spine.

The candidate we really need...

Will be a lawyer with knowledge of constitutional law. The candidate needs to call for an American version of South Africa's truth and reconciliation hearings-I mean we need open public trials into every serious allegation of wrongdoing whether by democrat or republican and every criminal conviction needs to be given time in prison. Citizens United has proven that money as speech violates the equal protection clause and must be revoked. Politicians who double their personal wealth every 5 years must go to jail-it cannot be done honestly and democrats must cry as loudly against democratic misbehavior as we do against the same behavior by republicans-that is how you show the parties are not the same. We don't need Oprah and celebrity-we need gravitas, integrity, and truth.

Can anyone name a song that hit Billboard #1

that was sung in Japanese?

If it's way past midnight,

and it's New Year's eve still (just because you haven't slept yet) and your of an age (60+) and living alone, then here are two songs for the girls who might have been so much more in your lives...

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