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A trip down memory lane...

My Mom was the best cook! Nah-not really-she was ok and had a few things she cooked well. But she was very much a wife of her times (50's and 60's) and she and her peers had a very limited horizon...(Now I give an example) in the early 60's a local school was putting out a cook book and a cousin who shall remain nameless submitted two recipes that nailed down her reputation as a knowledgeable cook of international cuisines. Both recipes featured a pound of browned hamburger, a cup of minute rice, and a can of Veg-All. Mexican rice also got a dash of hot sauce and Japanese rice got a splash of soy sauce. And sadly my family home did not contain both of those "exotic" spices...Our basic set of spices and condiments were salt and pepper, paprika, gravy master, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Later we added onion and garlic powder.
So here is the question-tell me about your Moms spice rack and recipes and how you cook now.


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