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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
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No new supreme court justice can be named prior to the end of Mueller's probe.

Democrats should make it clear that if the president is found guilty of conspiracy then the legitimate president is Hillary Clinton and that any new nominee, along with Gorsuch is illegitimate and that the next elected president is the proper person to name two legitimate justices.

Something I posted on FB

Are all Republicans Hypocritical lying bastards? Well-they support Trump's immigration policy where children without parents are thrown in cages. And there was a time within recent memory when a Hispanic child wasn't caged and was treated quite differently than the way that Republicans now support. So are they lying hypocritical bastards now-or were they lying hypocritical bastards in the year 2000???

"Elian's plight would likely have elicited strong emotions from parents, and even members of Congress, no matter where he came from. Cute and photogenic, he is a motherless child with enough pint-sized stamina to have endured two days alone and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. But because he is Cuban, because his divorced mother drowned while fleeing the island with him, and because he has been claimed by South Florida's politically powerful and highly vocal Cuban community, his case has been propelled into the realms of high politics and foreign policy."

"On January 21, 2000, Elián González's grandmothers, Mariela Quintana and Raquel Rodríguez, flew from Havana to the United States to seek their grandson's return to Cuba. While they were able to meet with the boy only once at the Miami Beach home of Barry University president Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, they journeyed to Washington and met with congressmen and Attorney General Janet Reno. After nine days of media coverage (during which Republican lawmakers acknowledged they did not have the votes to pass a bill to give González U.S. citizenship), they returned to Cuba to "a hero's welcome".[8]


It has to be asked...

How highly is the term "feckless" trending on google?
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