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You know those boys go to Catholic School

because the parents think their religion is restricted in public schools and they want their freedom to worship. And I've seen some defend the boys on just having fun and joining in the spirit of the Indian prayer ceremony. Suppose some Jews were sitting Shiva-would it be OK for them to join in wailing in false Hebrew??? How about during the Muslim call to prayer-going barefoot and screaming "Allah Akbar"-that OK too? They were mocking and interfering with someone else's religious exercise and that skirts close to a hate crime. But YMMV...

Why are the Romneys successful as politicians?

Mitt's great-grandfather fled to Mexico when US law outlawed polygamy. The family fled back to the US during the Mexican revolution. His father was a spokesman for Rambler and failed to serve in WW2 but later became governor of Michigan and later a candidate for President of the US despite his Mexican birth. Mitt avoided Vietnam with 5 deferments yet became governor of Massachusetts, a candidate for President of the US, and now a US senator.

So how does a family that once renounced citizenship and arrived back here around 1910, and without making a single sacrifice for this country manage to establish a viable political dynasty?
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