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Fuck Mark

Mark Zuckerberg was caught on audio stating that If Elizabeth Warren were elected and backed further regulation FB would have to "go to the mats" and fight. In a world were a common man's biggest fear is a single uninsured hospital visit will leave his children not just destitute but scrambling to cover the fees for a discounted burial, what deformed human gene informs defective units like Zuckerberg, who's wealth assures not a single zygote down to the fifth generation will ever be forced to wield a broom or mop nor even the disappointment of being denied entrance to Harvard, that he is targeted and disadvantaged by a progressive politician? What part of his suffering and struggles to become successful (I ate Ramen, Dammit!) imbued him with the virtue to engage a holy war against others rising to a position of opportunity miles below his own launching pad? In middle school when I first read of the French revolution the wholesale beheading of the elites struck me as mindless and cruel but Zuckerberg makes me incline toward believing it was harsh, but necessary and reasonable.

Ru-dee, Ru-dee, Ru-dee...

Saw an earlier thread on the definition of "misprision" which caused me to use the google machine-here's something I found...

"United States law defines misprision of felony as a federal crime.[6] If one knows that one is a target of a Federal investigation, it is illegal under the Sarbanes–Oxley Act to erase one's browser history intentionally. Khairullozhan Matanov was prosecuted for erasing computer records about his friends, Dhzokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev; he pleaded guilty to a lesser included offense in 2015.[7][8]

The term misprision can also be applied in some legal systems to a willful act or omission by a person who is involved in or has knowledge of the facts of a crime, which causes in the end result an innocent person to be punished for the crime; e.g., a frameup.[citation needed]

In some jurisdictions, such as New York and the military justice system, misprision also refers to the "intent to cause a false impression", for example, for the sale of fake drugs, such as oregano instead of marijuana." Wiki

Anyone else think Rudy and a bunch of Trump minions are in trouble??? Because this looks like catch 22 for those not directly implicated...

How to make turtle soup:The Strange and Possibly Sordid Story of Mitch McConnell's Military Service

He enlisted in either March 1967 or in July 1967 and served at Fort Knox in the 100th Division (Training) of the U.S. Army Reserve until August 15, 1967. He was assigned Selective Service number 15-131-42-44.

Addison M. McConnell, Jr., reported for duty as instructed, possibly in April or May, 1967. After that, though, things get murky. Convoluted explanations, obfuscations, outright denials, ("Senator McConnell had polio as a child and he never served in armed services.” said Robert Steurer, press secretary for McConnell in Washington. “I am not aware of him ever serving.”)

In Richard Flahavan's extract he writes "the U.S. Army ordered him to undergo an Armed Forces Physical Examination which he did July 9, 1967. Apparently, he did not pass because he was released from the U.S. Army Reserve August 15, 1967."

A new member of the 100th Army Reserve Unit in Basic Training at Ft. Knox was arrested in the barracks for sodomy. The guy is getting out of the military and the excuse will be due to an illness, an eye disorder. The Major then told a joke about it saying, "I guess the guy couldn't see the difference between guys and girls."

Much more-older story:https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2013/2/24/1189537/-The-Strange-and-Possibly-Sordid-Story-of-Mitch-McConnell-s-Military-Service

You know there are places that need guns,right?

We don't need AK's or M16 derivatives but there are places where firearms are needed and people are entitled to carry...My brother whose squad was overrun during the Siege of Firebase Ripcord may be the least of these, but facing off with death should confer certain advantages and in our rural states he travels strapped. My family is spread across the country-in the southwest a female cousin carries a .45/.410 snake gun because she needs it. An uncle just 40 miles north of here went strapped to empty his garbage since bears had once stopped him from re-entering his house. Craigslist and FB marketplace are a frontier and I've gone to meetings armed. I don't think they or I am bad people-I think we are realists. Sometimes life is risky and reducing risks is prudent. Reasonable gun control is just that, but forcing people into going up unarmed against obvious threats is just stupid,
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