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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
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I just donated to Elizabeth Warren

This is a big thing-it was a small contribution but not something that easily fits in my limited budget. My dream ticket is Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg as VP...We would have elected inarguably the most diverse ticket ever. By age, by minority status, and by political philosophy.If you are liberal elizabeth leads the ticket and if you are centrist Buttigieg is on deck....oldest and youngest...female and LGBT. Were they elected I would hope Buttigieg became more liberal under her tutelage.

For the folks who sent me hearts...

I have nothing (Well-little) against Steyer and Bloomberg

But I have no desire to play my billionaire is better than your billionaire. I could accept with Mayor Pete with limited government experience but to me the very term "democratic" should mean money cannot buy in. The term is to "dabble" in politics as done by rich people. It is how we got Trump. I don't doubt "our" billionaires would be better, but you know what, we have actual candidates who are not even millionaires or only just recently crossed that line. And that means they may even have, like you or me, faced a bill in their lifetime they worried about how to pay it. I WANT that in the person we elect! It's why Elizabeth Warren is someone I could gladly vote for. I want someone like me-and I mean I want them smarter, and nicer, and more generous than me-but also who understands what lower middle class means.
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