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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 05:13 PM
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Once a year...,

For my brother Brian, 1st of the 506th 101 Airborne RVN 70-71...

One bad might 26 Jun 1970


Every year I visit this wall and think about the horror of that night and pray for Brian and all the other survivors. I ain't been there and most likely neither have you. Picnics and summer are a good things to celebrate but take just a short time and reflect on what was asked (or demanded) of men who were barely past childhood a half century ago.

MSNBC it's the republicans vs the democrats,

the economy vs public health....No it's greed vs the loss of human life. Fuck both siderism. There is no equivalence when one side is a death cult.

Working on a pork roast...

I marinaded with McCormick Applewood Smoke and rotisserie broiled. I want to machine slice and rewarm in gravy for sandwiches. That said I have no pork gravy. I do have beef, chicken, and turkey gravy. Would any of those compliment this roast?
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