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Member since: Thu Apr 13, 2017, 04:13 PM
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Here's a livecam of the public docks in Wolfeboro NH

This week NH was shown to be the only US state with declining covid19. So of course our GOP governor, bowing to out-of-state money, opened the state July 1. Visitors are "urged" to self quarantine for 14 days and to wear masks. Watch the camera for out of state plates and mask compliance. I wonder how far the virus can travel on a moving boat? Keep in mind that you would need about a 24 footer for three people to socially distance from each other...

These Massholes were dying to go on vacation and it turns out that may be the price...

The new frontier of medicine

Last few days I've heard that Arizona is "applying severe critical care standards" or a "enhanced triage system"... If you think back to the 2016 election you were told if a Democrat was elected this would happen-but the GOP and the fat asses of the media who are so circumspect now were more than willing to use a different term to describe them back then-they called them "death panels" and said Democrats were "granny killers"! Well Fuck the GOP-Say it loud-They're the Death Panel crowd! Scream it from the rooftop and stuff the Arizona ICU's with TV pundits and cover their "enhanced triage" live while they pull out tubes and shift the dying patients to the low rent wards. And on the ward walls paint these words-Trump 2016-What have you got to lose?
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