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Floyd trial: This is superficial

but doesn't their expert look exactly like Robin Williams doing a role with an Irish accent? I'm being distracted by this...

My brother posted this to Facebook

I think it says a lot about all our veterans:

Exactly 50 years ago today I got home from, Vietnam. A week earlier I was on a Firebase operating a radio 12 hours a day in harms way and now I'm sitting in my mom's kitchen. I Had left less than 2 years earlier as a wise ass teenager and now, wise beyond my years. In the last eleven and a half months I had seen and been part of something most people will never see! The ability to take another's life had been thrust upon me and I had actually not been afraid to do so. I had smelled death and seen human beings being torn apart by several different means, artillery, fast moving jets, gunships, machine guns, rifles, and booby traps. Those killed were both friend and enemy. The aroma and site of torn apart humans will be in my mind till the day I die! The screams and the calls for a medic or for a mom ! You can leave Vietnam, but Vietnam will never leave you. The friendships I earned back then are still with me, and the conversations with my brothers who died within hours of our last talks are still echoing in my brain. Why him and not me? Hopefully when I reach the other side someone will explain this to me. To keep your sanity you must push these thoughts down deep into your sub-conscious, but so many things can trigger thoughts. The clarity of the memories are frightening. I will use this half century of distance to try to never mention again to anyone anything about Vietnam. It has always been a waste of time because if you haven't been there you can't understand. I've had people say, I know how you feel, NO you don't, not even close. Then those of us who made it home, returned to an indifferent country. Throwing your uniform covered with medals away or stuffing it in your closet was the norm, because there would be no parade or thank you ! You made sure not to mention your Vietnam service on any job applications or you would likely not get that job. Hearing "baby killers" on the evening news was common. We did the job we were told to do, we did it well, and we were never given the respect we deserved. And we did NOT lose the war ! Currahee !
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