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Profile Information

Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Current location: Central Ohio
Member since: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 07:16 PM
Number of posts: 1,905

Journal Archives

Sooooo-Mike Dewine is giving his weekly presser

Heís mandated masks for the entire state. He is reading a list of multiple counties covid numbers and giving reasons stated by county officials for the increases. He has mentioned sleepover parties, pool parties, large gatherings, family gatherings, etc. If instances like this are causing numbers to balloon, I wonder what he thinks is going to happen when all of our kiddos go back to school? I didnít hear him speculate about that. Husted said his bit about supporting schools with what they need to open up and help families that have kiddos that need virtual learning due to various conditions. I sent the governor an email asking him to mandate virtual learning for the first few months of school. Iím not holding my breath. Iím truly dreading what is likely to happen when schools open.

Hmmmm. Just got an emergency alert on my phone

Columbus OH police have declared an emergency in the downtown area and telling people to stay away from the area. Didnít get any alerts like this last night when things heated up. Wonder whatís going on?

Can't post it from my phone, but, Penzey's Spices site

Has a pretty darn good essay entitled ďWith Justice-Peace Without it-Our smashed WindowsĒ addressing the rioting and what happened to their Hennepin Ave store. If someone can post it-itís a good read!

My grocery store now opens at 7AM

Went early to get a few items. As I was waiting in the car, I was listening to the radio and they were talking about food banks and how supplies are running low in many areas. I was happy to hear them encourage their listeners to buy extra and donate to their local food banks. It was a good reminder!! Iím guessing as time goes on and so many will be out of work that food banks will be pretty busy. I usually donate fairly often to ours but honestly, with all of the covid scare it didnít cross my poor pea-pickiní mind. Iím gonna drop off the extra I bought later today.

8 new cases of Corona Virus in Florida

According to the 11:00 news...

Awwwww!!! I'm tickled pink!!

I got hearts!!!!!! Thank you to whoever gave them to me!! You made my heart happy!!!

Local news in C-bus is showing the line of idiots

Waiting to get in to dimwit donnies show tonight. WTH is wrong with that many people that want to see the orange menace? Glad to see there are protesters there as well.

Thank you for my heart!!!

Anyone here familiar with Washington DC?

I hope this is where I can ask this question. My daughter and I are trying to plan a trip to DC to participate in the Womenís March. Sheís looking at flights into Reagan Intl - weíll be there 1/18-1/20. Iím wondering about hotels - if there are areas we should avoid for safety reasons etc. I know absolutely nothing about the DC area. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks!

Trumpy Bear

Holy cow I think Iím going to be sick. Just saw a commercial on TV Land for ďTrumpy BearĒ -a teddy bear that has hair and eyebrows like trump. Itís stuffed with a throw blanket thatís a replica of our flag. An older lady putting the blanket over her legs, a vet biker on his Harley with the bear riding in front of him, and a yuppie dude riding with it in his golf cart are the spokesjokes. I kept asking Mr. Alliepoo if the ad was a joke or a spoof. Sadly it wasnít. Completely surreal. Holy cow. I guess I wonít be watching Andy Griffith any more. I canít take seeing that commercial again.
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