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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: WA
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 2,189

Journal Archives

"The Power of Hope"

I am watching the 2020 Rose Parade on Youtube. KTLA 5 posted it and I am thankful for that. Was NOT gonna make it at 8am this morning!

As soon as they announced the theme: “The Power of Hope”, I had a flashback to our beloved President Obama and a renewed spirit of HOPE.

HOPE. Yes we can.

HOPE. Yes we did.

HOPE. For 2020

Happy New Year!
Happy Blue Year!

Riff⚡️Raff O Christmas Tree



I've shared this before but it is worth posting again

Still relevant today. 🙁


WA State Republican Matt Shea identified as domestic terrorist and will be removed from duties

The report prepared for the state Legislature said Rep. Matt Shea, a Republican from Spokane Valley in eastern Washington, also found that he trained young people to fight a “holy war,” condoned intimidating opponents and promoted militia training by the Patriot Movement for possible armed conflict with law enforcement.

Shea was suspended from the state House Republican Caucus Thursday evening, and advised to resign, House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox tweeted. “He cannot use House Republican staff, he cannot meet with the caucus, his office will be moved,” Wilcox said. Shea will also be removed from his House committee assignments.

Snipped from Time Magazine:


My fantasy team pulled off an upset in first round of playoffs

Second best record here but best record was in same division so my team was wild card. This team beat me 2x in div play and we met again the weekend! Nail-biter but what an upset in the end. 129-115. 😁

Week 16 scoring preview has my team favored by 10 points in the final game.

Have fun this weekend - play starts Saturday.

You know? Next Bernie should endorse tRump!

Because he just endorsed someone exactly like him! Also, Bernie’s essay recently exposed tells us that Bernie hates women. (And I ain’t gonna take that shit about “that was a long time ago”.)

I am female and I am so effing mad I am spitting nails! He better walk this back!!!!

A primary vote for Bernie is a vote for the orange asshole in the white house!

Guber Burgers (xpost from Cooking Baking)

Guber burgers! Homemade. Tonight.

I am from the small town where these burgers originated in the 1940s. Peanut butter on a burger! If you haven’t ever tried it-make one!

Here’s a description of the burger and the drive-in that invented it.


Bon Appetite!

tRump "heedless and erratic old man"

I have no choice but to totally agree with North Korea! First time for everything, I guess.

When an evil dictator calls the pResident of the U.S. “heedless and erratic” then “Houston, we have a problem”!



Last game of Fantasy reg season

How’s your team doing?

Mine? Going to the playoffs with the second best record BUT best record is in my division so have to play that team today AND in the first round... ugh! Gonna be tuff to win it all. Damnit!


I don’t use twitter but this hashtag is something that could be used to ridicule little dt and his humpers.

So.... use it at will if you want to out those humpers and let them be known by their

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