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Speculate the ending to this scenario:

(If I were a novel writer, I couldn't go wrong)

Three disparate pieces of evidence recently reported in the news, and then we speculate the conclusion. I like to think
of the ending in dramatic terms (to entertain myself and hopefully others)- it makes for great fiction, a wide sweeping story
of delusions, power, and the kingdom lost. A story of migration for FREEDOM, of lust for power, lies, deception, and finally a brutal scene of unchecked plague, disease, and .... (probably insurance fraud, but I'm guess on that part).

1. Scientists are working on a new vaccine that may finally end COVID-19 as the vaccine acts on the part of the virus that does not mutate. All variations of the disease will be disabled. Thoughts are, it could be out in a year+.

2. Analysis of the midterms and the Florida elections point to markedly increased migration of Republicans to Florida (to escape vaccine requirements?) for "freedom" and guns, and other Republican reasons. Democrats left the state. The state is heavily non-vaccinated people = Republicans.

3. And finally, we have the recent remarks from the Leader of the Kingdom, Ron DeSantis again disparaging vaccines and crowing victory over Biden's restrictions to mitigate the disease.

These are real facts, but leading to an imagined conclusion, for entertainment. I don't want anyone to suffer and die from a preventable disease.

Healthcare: how do you feel about having your encounter with your healthcare provider RECORDED?

When you next visit your physician or nurse practitioner would you mind/object to having your entire visit video recorded?

Not as a study. As the method the health visits will be documented from now on.

Yesterday, at my health clinic visit, the NP rolls in a cart with a computer (there is already a computer in the exam room that has active access to medical records to both add to and read from) with a LIVE FEED from 500 miles away. I can see the transcriber onscreen like a FaceTime phone call. A medical transcriber. Also, video and voice recordings of the heath encounter.

"Video recordings?" I said.

"Yes, but I can turn the camera away from you and just do the audio, and the transcriber listening and writing the note."

Later, reflecting on this new method of documentation, it did not sit well. I feel it hampers the confidential feeling of meeting with my health provider. I don't like it video recorded, and I said so. But still, there is a live person sitting in on my health visit, writing the note, and recording video/audio. Usually, the NP herself writes the note on the visit. The note is focused on the problem. For example: why is the person there, and what was done to address the problem. The facts. This new way feels invasive to me, and I don't know if I can accept it.

What do you think? Would you accept your doctor's visit to be video and audio recorded with a live person on screen watching/listening/recording?

This woman is a hero. A nurse in Texas is documenting the epidemic of women murdered

by their fathers, husbands, ex-boyfriends, cousins, sons, neighbors and strangers. Her name is Dawn Wilcox and she has spent much of the last two years compiling details about the lives and deaths of women and girls killed by men in the US. The tally for 2018 is 1,600. On the Women Count USA Facebook page she has recounted lives of 6,000 women now dead, but thanks to her, not forgotten.
From The Guardian: ]

To Wilcox, the women on her list are victims of an epidemic unseen or ignored, the result of societal attitudes that see women’s lives as the property of men. Pushing back against that means documenting the victims, the impact of male violence, and the stories behind the numbers
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