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Roisin Ni Fiachra

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Member since: Mon May 1, 2017, 12:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,392

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The Case Against Donald Trump - Simplified

The Law is Clear

Impeachable conduct – “Treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors” – encompasses a defeated presidential candidate’s attempted coup d’etat against the legitimate constitutional government of the United States. Constitutional scholars across the political spectrum have echoed Prof. Michael Stokes Parkman’s view: “If Trump’s misconduct is not impeachable, nothing is.”

Proof of a crime is not required for impeachment, but Trump probably committed several federal felonies. “Seditious conspiracy” is an agreement by at least two people to hinder the execution of federal law or to seize federal property. The agreement need not be express and can be inferred by willful participation in the unlawful plan with intent to further it. Conviction can lead to imprisonment for up to 20 years. “Inciting rebellion or insurrection” against the authority of the United States can result a 10-year prison term.

The felony-murder rule might even apply. In some circumstances, a person who engages in a violent felony can be held responsible for deaths that occur during the course of that crime. For example, suppose two people try to rob a bank and a bank security guard pulls out a gun and kills one robber while the other is waiting in the getaway car. The driver of the getaway car could be held liable for the death of his fellow robber. Trump’s incitement led to five deaths, including the mob’s murder of a Capitol Police officer.
Without accountability for subverting the nation’s political system, unity is impossible. That requires a common understanding and acceptance of facts. America’s body politic cannot heal without first ridding itself of the infection that Trump’s lies have caused. Impeachment is a necessary first step in that cleansing process.

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Sat Jan 16, 2021, 08:10 AM (0 replies)

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt: Trump's 'fascist' movement 'must be crushed' and 'annihilated'

"Before we can talk about reconciliation, we have to talk about accountability," Schmidt told "Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough — a former GOP congressman and fellow Never Trump conservative. Scarborough has described Trump as a "fascist" many times, and Schmidt wholeheartedly agrees with that description of the outgoing president.

According to Schmidt, Trump is a "fascist" who "incited violence against the people of the United States as the Capitol of the United States fell to a seditious mob" on January 6. And the "fascist" movement that Trump has promoted, Schmidt warned, won't be going away after Trump leaves office on January 20.

Schmidt told Scarborough and Brzezinski, "This threat must be crushed. It must be annihilated. This threat must be met head on…. We are in for a long fight…. It will last years."


Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Fri Jan 15, 2021, 12:23 PM (9 replies)

US police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data finds

Police in the United States are three times more likely to use force against leftwing protesters than rightwing protesters, according to new data from a non-profit that monitors political violence around the world.

In the past 10 months, US law enforcement agencies have used teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and beatings at a much higher percentage at Black Lives Matter demonstrations than at pro-Trump or other rightwing protests.

Law enforcement officers were also more likely to use force against leftwing demonstrators, whether the protests remained peaceful or not.

The statistics, based on law enforcement responses to more than 13,000 protests across the United States since April 2020, show a clear disparity in how agencies have responded to the historic wave of Black Lives Matter protests against police violence, compared with demonstrations organized by Trump supporters.

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Fri Jan 15, 2021, 08:20 AM (1 replies)

Texas Pastor Tells Followers to Stock Supplies, Keep Guns Loaded Before Biden Inauguration

A Texas pastor has told his congregation they have an "executive order" from God to keep Donald Trump in office and advised them to keep their guns loaded ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

Brandon Burden, the pastor at KingdomLife in Frisco, who is also a member of the Frisco Conservative Coalition and a realtor, spoke in tongues in front of his followers on Sunday. He claimed "prophetic voices" said Trump would be president for another eight years.

"We have an executive order—not from Congress or D.C., but from the desk of the CEO of heaven, the boss of the planet. He said from his desk in heaven, this is my will; Trump will be in for eight years," he claimed.

Burden told church members to carry out the order, saying: "Take down the walls of Jericho. The Lord says your Jericho is Washington, D.C. That's your fortified city."


"Hello, FBI? We got another one"
Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Thu Jan 14, 2021, 07:30 AM (16 replies)

Our psychopath president has finally imploded: And all this was totally predictable

Donald Trump's attempted coup against our government was predictable. He had it all planned out. He would incite thousands of supporters to attack the Capitol, disrupt the proceedings of the Senate and find a way to maintain his grip on power. He knew full well that his violent insurrectionists had blood on their minds and that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence were in harm's way. He knew there was a chance that both Pelosi and Pence could be kidnapped or murdered. He did not care one whit. He was partying and celebrating as the attackers formed and began their deadly march. He was inciting an insurrection against the United States for his own personal gain. Democracy and human life were of no concern to him.

But his efforts failed. The Senate was not overtaken. Joe Biden was certified as the next president. Pelosi and Pence were both safe. The attackers are being hunted down one by one and arrested. Trump has now been impeached for the second time, with 10 Republican members of Congress joining with every Democrat. Pence apparently contemplated the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment (although he has now said he will not do so). The majority of Americans believe that Trump should be removed from office immediately for his treasonous behavior.

After last week's insurrection attempt, Trump is now trying to act as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. What is the big deal if some looters swarmed through the Capitol? As he has always done, Trump relies on lies, denials, conspiracy theories and fake bravado to skirt through life and through his presidency. But rhetoric and actions are observable truth. And Trump's clear incitement of insurrection means he is a traitor. It means he disavowed the will of the people and the rule of law. It means his personal gain is more important than the Constitution and his oath of office.

This all makes sense because Donald Trump is a psychopath. He is fueled by his narcissism, his sadism, his paranoia and his antisocial proclivities. We have been eager to ignore these things, but Trump's sadism and violence have been front and center in his psyche the entire time. This is the man who separated young children from their families at the border. This is the man whose inaction has killed 372,000 Americans due to the coronavirus. This is the man who has tried to encourage violence multiple times at his campaign and presidential pep rallies. And this is the man who glorified violence in Charlottesville and in other cities.

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Thu Jan 14, 2021, 07:22 AM (15 replies)

Official confirms it was a Republican Congressman giving a Capitol tour to insurrectionists ahead of

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) confirmed the account by Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) that insurrectionists were doing a "reconnaissance tour" with a member of Congress the day before the attack.

Rep. Sherrill did a 13-minute video on Facebook Tuesday evening recalling seeing the incident.

"I can confirm that," Rep. Maloney told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace. "I don't have firsthand knowledge of it, but I spoke to a member who saw it personally, and he described it with some alarm. Some of our new colleagues, the same ones, of course, who believe in conspiracy theories and who want to carry guns into the House chamber, who today, today, have been yelling at Capitol Police, shoving them. Who a week ago were risking their lives to save ours. This conduct is beyond the pale, and it extends to some of this interaction with the very people who attacked the Capitol, and that's why the issue of making sure every member of Congress now goes through a metal detector, which has never happened before, is so important for the security of the inauguration and for our proceedings and it's a sad reality that we find ourselves at a place where the enemy is within, and we cannot trust our own colleagues."

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Wed Jan 13, 2021, 06:58 PM (5 replies)

Does anyone really care what nutjob Republicans say?

It's all just gibberish. They're all loony toons, clueless, mean, nasty, dishonest, and corrupt as the day is long.

Just vote to impeach, and get it over with.
Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Wed Jan 13, 2021, 02:33 PM (12 replies)

"We didn't mean it, we got caught up in the moment. Everyone makes mistakes.

We denounce Hitler."

Nazis at Nuremberg trials.

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Wed Jan 13, 2021, 10:24 AM (4 replies)

'How were we so easily fooled?' Top evangelical leader calls for reckoning in the wake of Trump

A top evangelical leader is calling on his fellow Christians to question how they came under the authoritarian sway of President Donald Trump.

Ed Stetzer, head of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, tells NPR that he was very disturbed to see so many self-professed evangelicals taking part in the deadly riots last week at the Capitol building that were designed to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
He also said that he's been disturbed at seeing how many evangelicals have made Trump a part of their religious faith, which is essentially idolatry.

"If you asked today 'what's an evangelical?' to most people, I would want them to say: someone who believes Jesus died on the cross for our sin and in our place and we're supposed to tell everyone about it," he said. "But for most people they'd say, 'Oh, those are those people who are really super supportive of the president no matter what he does.' And I don't think that's what we want to be known for."


Too late. The Mark of Trump Worshiping Christo-fascist fool is forever branded on their foreheads, a 666 tatoo in bright Republican red.

Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Wed Jan 13, 2021, 08:42 AM (98 replies)

Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar implicated by activist in Capitol insurrection

The right-wing political activist Ali Alexander says that Arizona Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs worked with him to plan pro-Trump rallies, including the one that ended with an attack on the Capitol.

At the time the mob was making its move on Wednesday Alexander, a national “Stop the Steal” organizer, posted a video of himself saying, "I don't disavow this. I do not denounce this."

A CNN investigative team that includes former Arizona Republic reporter Bob Ortega pointed out that In late December Alexander told followers on Periscope that he, Biggs, Gosar and Mo Brooks of Alabama, three Republican members of Congress, were planning something big.

The CNN article noted that while Alexander did not call for violence, he said, "It was to build momentum and pressure and then on the day change hearts and minds of Congress peoples who weren't yet decided or who saw everyone outside and said, 'I can't be on the other side of that mob.'"


Extremists intensify calls for violence ahead of Inauguration Day
Advance Democracy, Inc., a nonpartisan governance watchdog, highlighted red flags on social media. In the six days leading up to the event, for instance, there were 1,480 posts from QAnon-related accounts that referenced the event and contained terms of violence. On Parler, the report said, multiple posts referenced war, including statements like "the war begins today."

Ali Alexander, a political activist who has organized pro-Trump rallies, including one of the demonstrations that converged on the Capitol lawn Wednesday, accused the left of "trying to push us to war." In late December, Alexander told followers on Periscope that he and three GOP congressman -- Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona and Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama -- were planning something big.

"It was to build momentum and pressure and then on the day change hearts and minds of Congress peoples who weren't yet decided or who saw everyone outside and said, 'I can't be on the other side of that mob,'" Ali said, though he did not call for violence.


Some of Rep. Gosar's siblings want him expelled from Congress after deadly riot at Capitol

Three of Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings have reached out to Rep. Raúl Grijalva asking him to help get their brother expelled from Congress after the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol they blame him for helping to instigate.

It is the third time in three years members of the Arizona Republican's family have taken dramatic steps hoping to derail his political career.
"We know him to be an extremist and we took that very seriously," said Seattle resident Jennifer Gosar, one of Paul Gosar's nine siblings. "I believe that my brother has been a constant perpetrator of misinformation. ... I've been incredulous at the lack of accountability thus far. I would think Wednesday would be certainly a line."

"He's set a dangerous sort of precedent along the 10 years he's been in office," said Tim Gosar of Fort Collins, Colo. "When you talk about what happened the other day, you're talking about treason. You're talking about overthrowing the government. That's what this is. If that doesn't rise to the level of expulsion, what does?"


Posted by Roisin Ni Fiachra | Sun Jan 10, 2021, 12:10 PM (23 replies)
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