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Member since: Thu May 11, 2017, 05:41 AM
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Rachel Maddow in 2014...discussing 2nd amendment rights and healthcare....

I came across this Rachel Maddow video clip from 2014...but very, very relevant today. I would phrase and comment about the frightening issues she brings up...but I will let the video speak for itself.

Victorian Slum House Series on PBS


If you get some time, please watch this series. Discussing and showing how in East London, England the poor lived and with no safety net. Families of today attempt to go back in time and live like East Londoners, the lowest of the wage earners. Really awful! Something GOPers want to go back to......

But than many GOPers feel entitled just as the top 10% wealthy Londoners, during the Victorian age!

Very, very interesting!!!

How U.S. Health Care Became Big Business by Elisabeth Rosenthal "An America Sickness"


Has anyone had a chance yet to read this book? Some of her input is very informative.

"Health care is a trillion-dollar industry in America, but are we getting what we pay for? Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal, a medical journalist who formerly worked as a medical doctor, warns that the existing system too often focuses on financial incentives over health or science.

"We've trusted a lot of our health care to for-profit businesses and it's their job, frankly, to make profit," Rosenthal says. "You can't expect them to act like Mother Teresas."
Big California Firms Take On Health Care Giant Over Cost of Care
Shots - Health News
Big California Firms Take On Health Care Giant Over Cost of Care

Rosenthal's new book, An American Sickness, examines the deeply rooted problems of the existing health-care system and also offers suggestions for a way forward. She notes that under the current system, it's far more lucrative to provide a lifetime of treatments than a cure."

Irionic Twist---HRC was staff on research inquiry of impeachment for Watergate!

During her postgraduate study, Rodham served as staff attorney for Edelman's newly founded Children's Defense Fund in Cambridge, Massachusetts,[64] and as a consultant to the Carnegie Council on Children.[65] In 1974 she was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal.[66] Under the guidance of Chief Counsel John Doar and senior member Bernard W. Nussbaum,[47] Rodham helped research procedures of impeachment and the historical grounds and standards for impeachment.[66] The committee's work culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon in August 1974.[66]

Pretty cool...do you think Mueller might be calling her for advice?


What do we expect or demand in a President?

I think back to what I was taught in elementary...George Washington, our 1st president who was elected for 2 terms unanimously. What did the founders intend for this role to take in our newly formed country?

Unite varied factions within the country? Guide our present goals into a streamlined agenda? Represent our country as a foreign ambassador? Be honest and morally upright. Be commander in chief. Work with Congress to pass legislation for the benefit of our nation?

Are we expecting too much in one person to achieve all of our current objectives? Or are we not demanding enough? How can one person in the role as President accomplish changing laws without Congress's approval? We hear on campaigning trails all of these laws or bills they will get passed...but without a bipartisan approach, nothing the President has promised will be achieved. Has anyone seen Dump meeting with both parties for a peaceful resolution for any legislation? Is Dump even able to unite within his own party?

Just my thoughts...

All the Presidents Guests--Unauthized log

Interesting data kept of who is going into the white house for meetings. For June 19th, some big business heavy weights entered. Wonder what this means? Too bad no health care biggies entered.


Sen Cotton...new bill he is introducing

I am very confused to this bill he is introducing...does anyone have more clarification? I agree that more rehabilitation needs to be provided before and after release....but is he advocating for more federal funding for these programs? Or does he only want a data base with regards to a felon's history? Help anyone to make this clear.


Job creation? Dump probably should go back and pay past employees their earned wages...


Also, why no one wants to work in his WH....payroll check questionable.

For those DUers that are getting discouraged by FBI and Mueller's speed...remember Hastert....

Read this article on the timeline of Dennis Hastert and what the FBI charged him with. And remember, no person is above the law!!!! And that the FBI will get their man/woman!


Trumps financial disclosures for 2016

Not sure where to post this, so decided here.

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