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You have to Love Scott Dworkin!!!

He has just filed another complaint...against Huckabee now. If you are not familiar with all of his reports and complaints against the opposition...scroll down his tweet page. He is just not afraid of anything and goes frequently after the ankles! Ankle biter! lol!

I just admire him so much...I feel like all I do is talk...but he takes action.

If this link does not work, this is twitter page



I am seriously going to call tomorrow and order the London Police Department doughnuts. (Do not laugh...I am serious! lol)

I could do a Google search, but thought if any one on DU had some suggestions? I would call tomorrow and place an order for dozen of doughnuts to be delivered to the London Police Center. The police need support and understanding right now...not criticism! When someone is down, I have never seen a reason to kick them some more.


per Adolph Hitler

Sound like anyone we know? Only WE WILL NOT EVER BELIEVE IT! No matter how many times Dump says the Russia thing is a hoax!

Or all the other bullshit he throws our way.

MSNBC Chuck Todd just stated that Dump doesn't believe in climate warming

but is building up an seawall by his gulf course in Ireland.

No link yet...just heard it.

Dump reminds me of the Colonel Klink in Hogan's Heroes


Being played by those all around him, and the Colonel believing he is in control. We, the audience are allowed into the gag, which makes it even funnier, because the only one who does not realize he is being played, is the Colonel!

Maybe you younger ones don't remember....but I just want to bust out laughing when I compare the Colonel to Dump!

Joe in the Morning today

Some objective thoughts brought up with political round table.

1. Bannon is using Dump as puppet...behind leaving Paris Accord
2. Bannon has been the WH leaker on all things Jared Kushner, even bragging about not having to worry about Kushner, much longer to his friends.
3. Dump is using this as a distraction to turn attention from away from Russiagate.
4. Even before presidency, Dump never discussed ideological thought or could relate with higher intelligence...(lol!..we already found out!) He is relying heavily on Bannon for policy because he knows nothing about it.

Trump's first budget would restrict eligibility for EITC and CTC


I liked the the clarification of Dump's proposal in this article.

President Trump released his budget proposal Tuesday for the 2018 fiscal year titled "A New Foundation for American Greatness." The budget would aim to cut approximately $3.6 trillion in government spending over the next decade, some of which would be attributable to eligibility changes relating to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC), and some of which would result from specific actions undertaken by the IRS to reduce improper payments made by the government.

In addition to the budget, the Administration also released a separate document describing major savings and reform proposals in the budget, as well as a "blueprint" providing details on discretionary funding proposals.

Big picture. In his budget proposal, in addition to "reprioritiz[ing] Federal spending", the President also highlighted a number of other major legislative goals that he views as central to achieving faster economic growth, including health care reform and tax reform. The passage of the American Health Care Act and the President's tax reform proposals are assumed in the budget. It is further assumed that the tax reform proposals are revenue-neutral.

As described in the budget, the President's tax reform objectives for American families include:

Lowering individual income tax rates;

Expanding the standard deduction and helping families struggling with child and dependent care expenses;

Protecting homeownership, charitable giving and retirement saving;

Ending the alternative minimum tax;

Repealing the 3.8 percent net investment income tax; and

Repealing the estate tax.

The tax reform objectives for businesses include:

Reducing the business tax rate;

Eliminating most special interest tax breaks; and

Transitioning to a territorial system of taxation, including a one-time repatriation tax on already accumulated overseas income.

Tightened eligibility for the EITC and CTC: In order to claim either of these credits, the budget proposal would require taxpayers to provide a Social Security Number. The budget provides that this requirement is intended to limit these credits to those who are authorized to work in the U.S.

According to the "2018 Major Savings and Reforms" document, households who do not have SSNs that are valid for work may claim the CTC under current law, and "gaps in current administrative practice" allow some people who have SSNs that are not valid for work to claim the EITC.

The budget projects that adding this requirement would result in approximately $40.4 billion in reduced spending over a 10-year period.

Reduction of improper payments: The budget proposed to "curtail Government-wide improper payments by half through actions to improve payment accuracy and tighten administrative controls." Two of the action items to achieve this goal pertain to IRS: increase oversight of paid tax return preparers (which was projected to reduce improper payments by $439 million over the 10-year period), and provide more flexibility for the IRS to address correctable errors (which was projected to reduce improper payments by $655 million over the 10-year period). "Correctable errors" were not defined in President Trump's budget, but have been defined elsewhere as essentially broadening IRS's authority to correct simple errors in certain narrow circumstances, akin to IRS's existing authority to correct math errors.

****What they neglect to say is that with a reduction in EITC or CTC, consumerism or disposable money will drop. We are a consumerism nation. Retail, grocery, malls, home stores require consumers to spend money. Who is going to buy Ivanka's line of merchandise with no money? Economics is a cycle or a pie...when I pass off a dollar to one person..they pass it on and on--but it always needs to stay in the pie.

And, if you have 100 people spending $1...they can do that much faster than 1 person can spend $100 (besides my college daughter...lol!). Dump wants to keep all the money in the top tier of the economy. However, if it is for business investment, these top tier people know how to operate lien. They are not going to move that money around the country and then the whole system becomes sluggish...and here comes another recession. (Or as I like to refer it to---constipation!)

And furthermore, a high corporate tax is good! Corporations hire tax specialists to determine before they buy or sell, how that will affect their tax owed. If at an end of a quarter, a business sees they will owe a lot of taxes, they buy or build something quickly. Who does this help? Equipment sellers and industry tradesman. Otherwise, the company would hold on to the extra...for profit or for a rainy day. This affects taxes owed overall. This forces them to invest and capitalize in their business and keep the money flowing.

Possbily start a new forum titled

"Fake News" or the "Truth"

I would like a place that I can go to and verify if a news report or video is fake or truth. I really would not want to bog down the General Discussion group, because I enjoy reading posts of general ideas and interesting bents that I had not considered before.

However, if I could immediately go to a place as a source of reference, and get immediate answers to which articles or videos are fake or which are true....this would be very welcomed!

I have an article that I did post to 'Late Breaking News', but some objected because it was 'fake' news and that I should not have posted it. But that was my ultimate question...was this article/video fake or truth. I even posted several links to prove that there was a news report...but the comments were still negative that it was fake news. So, now I am thinking...are these true DUs that are objecting or Russian trolls, to upset and cause havoc in DU? I just want a quick fact checker...is an article or video true or false?

White House Identifies Three Leakers of Classified Information

Source: Original post CBS

CBS News has confirmed that the White House has identified three leakers of classified information who are expected to be fired. Mike Baker, a former CIA covert operations officer, joined CBSN to discuss the severity of the leaks and what could happen to the leakers.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politicsvideo/white-house-identifies-three-leakers-of-classified-information/vi-BBBDYmj

What WH leakers? Has anyone heard anymore about this subject?

Dump's twitter page

I am not a tweeter, and so never really went to Dump's Twitter page. I did this morning though, and I would say 90% of the comments were negative towards him. Is this normal that his hard core Rublicans are not defending him more?

One DU blogger yesterday posted that her account was blocked from his feed. This made me curious if Dump's is trying to quiet his objectors. There was another post on his feed that stated many were being blocked. So, in my mind I subtracted these blocked twitter accounts, but still am seeing a 90% negative tweeters. Furthermore, I did not hardly see any of the rhetoric sayings heard during the campaign. Where have all his supporters gone? And why so quiet now?

This is only my opinion...but if the media attack on him is real as he tweets....where is Dump's Callvary? He used to be able to rouse his base as his buffer against any attacks...but this weekend...there is NO battle on social media. And if there is a defensive stand being made, it is so minuscule, that nobody is seeing it. Even our DU boards are relatively quiet from RW arguments or attacks.

Just a thought....where is the battle?
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