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Member since: Thu May 11, 2017, 05:41 AM
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Mitch McConnell Implicated In Widespread Putin/Ukraine Money Funnel; FBI Notified


I do not know anything of FBI procedures. Please can anyone explain what the next steps will be and how long this will take?

I just cannot imagine anything sticking on these sleazy politicians...they have outsmarted the system for so long...they are acting so nonchalant!

And McConnell and Ryan are not appearing nervous? Shouldn't they be shaking in their boots? Why are they not scrambling for their lawyers? And why is MSM not reporting these yet?

Here's What Science Says About Brains...


I have always wondered how Rublicans think so hostility...maybe there is something to this.

Senator Orrin Hatch Office twitter feed has a lot of interesting info related to data privacy


Yes, I have been following Louise, but skeptical.

However, when I checked Orrin Hatch's twitter feed out to see if there was chatter about his becoming the next President, I did notice his concern expressed in several tweets related to data privacy. Which I had to grin if what Louise is saying is true.

Explaining and describing to the right wing base stolen data breeches. He never mentions Russia, but instead gives Brazil as an example.

I am not saying he is already our next president, just pointing out his twitter has been extra busy this last week. Also, Pence releases a video praising Senator Hatch on May 21st. What is all that about?


WOW! Scott Dworkin is on a roll! Impeachment week!


He also is making several complaints against Jared to Homeland Security and Office of Personal Management...and he is not done yet.....

Talk about a Hornet's nest!!!

We see the WaPo, NYT, and now Rueters reporting leaks daily. Pompeo must be neutered by now, and has no control of his own agency. However, I cannot determine if all the leaks are coming from CIA or NSI.

And now if he pissed off the foreign IC....Dump won't be able to piss without someone reporting it.

Question on CIA Director, Mike Pompeo

We all know that Mike Pompeo was nominated by Dump for Director of the CIA and that he is a Dump man. I would like to know if there has been any recent news or opinions from the press concerning how the CIA think of their new leader.

With all the Dump trashing the CIA before the election and then appointing a very conservative leader, I wonder if the CIA is close to a revolt? I haven't heard of any rumblings...but could this be why all the leaks to the newspapers? Could Mike be trying to cover up Russia intel, and so career CIA are getting the truth out? Just a thought.

Difficulty reading Scott's documents.

I am not a Twitter wizard and cannot zoom in the documents to read. Is there a separate webpage with these documents uploaded? Can someone give me advise? I would like to read and research many of the documents, but cannot because font is too small. When I right click over image, copy and paste to Microsoft word and then enlarges in Word....the font becomes fuzzy.

Just a thought....

What would occur with DOJ investigation and further indictment of the president if Dump should call war on any particular country? Can he be touched while we are in active war status?

I just wonder if this may occur in order to protect his presidency.

Can I please request that...

less swearing and more objective, critical items be posted? I am not trying to be a prude, but can we act and post more civilly?

How are we better when numerous post titles state "fuck so-and-so" or "shithead" and etc? We are all under a lot of frustration and disgust with Rublicans and their agenda, but please I beg...that we remain calm and sound headed during this troubling time. And I believe we are going to have to reach into the bottom of our bags for our sanity and patience in the next coming weeks.

Collins: No need for special prosecutor

Source: CNN

Sen Susan Collins continues to believe that no outside independent prosecutor is needed and she states that Senate intelligence committee can handle the investigation with bi-partisan staff.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2017/05/17/susan-collins-russia-investigation-newday.cnn

That is not the whole issue. Nothing is mentioned though of having full time staffers dedicated for this investigation
only. Does she not realize the committee is understaffed? The small staff is still working on other projects as for well. We need an outside group that will dedicate their whole time to this investigation, and nothing else.


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