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Member since: Fri May 12, 2017, 09:00 PM
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Bad Lip Reading: Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

This should exonerate Joy Reid --

Please spread it far and wide -- add it to every Joy Reid DU thread; share on FB if you go there; retweet -- whatever. Let's shut this down.

Cybersecurity expert working w/ Joy Reid on alleged hacking releases lengthy statement: "Five months ago, we found evidence Joy Reid’s now-defunct blog ... was breached after a review of suspicious activity."

It was already posted here, but isn't getting much traffic

Something I don't understand about Guiliani representing Trump

His hands are pretty dirty in this whole debacle. Why is Mueller allowing him to represent Trump?

I hope it doesn't mean that Guiliani is NOT in Mueller's sites. That would be such a huge disappointment to me.

Any ideas??

The Toronto van attacker was an Elliot Rodgers-style men's rights reactionary.

The Toronto van attacker was an Elliot Rodgers-style men's rights reactionary. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/toronto-van-attack-driver-profile-alek-minassian-1.4632435


John Oliver Bought Airtime During Hannity To Explain the Iran Nuclear Deal to Trump

It’s a double troll!

John Oliver spoke about the Iran nuclear deal on Last Week Tonight and how dissolving it would be a huge mistake on President Donald Trump‘s part.

In an apparent effort to get through to him on this point, Oliver and his team bought ad space on the one primetime cable news show Trump is sure to watch – Sean Hannity‘s.

The ever-popular Catheter Cowboy, whose character is a riff on the typical ads for older males which run so ubiquitously on Fox, will be returning to the airwaves in the D.C. area on Fox News during Hannity in the coming days in order to lecture the president on why he ought to stay in the Iran deal.

Full show:

MORE: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/john-oliver-bought-airtime-during-hannity-to-explain-the-iran-nuclear-deal-to-trump/

Mad Dog PAC at it again, some more --

Here's the tweets' text, but the thing is the photo, so -- you gotta go there, sorry.

Is it time for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to call @DevinNunes to testify in the #TrumpRussiaCoverUp?


Why is the @GOP going along with him?

Scott Dworkin and SethAbramson on Guiliani -- lots of good stuff

Let me remind everyone Rudy Giuliani is likely under investigation by Mueller. So the fact he thinks he can serve as one of Trump’s attorneys is ludicrous. He’s directly linked to Putin, has worked extensively in Russia for years and is tied to folks in the Dossier. #TrumpResign

Photo: Rudy Giuliani with Russian Emin Agalarov. He's the son of Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov who's friends with Putin, did Miss Universe with Trump, hosted the launch of Trump Vodka in Moscow and helped setup the Don Jr Russian lawyer meeting in Trump Tower. #TrumpLeaks #AMJoy

Rudy Giuliani's former clients included:
-Russia's Alfa Bank-owned by van der Zwaan's Russian billionaire father-in-law
-Rosneft: the Russian oil company Carter Page met with

Photos/Doc: Here's Rudy Giuliani with the owners of Russia's Alfa Bank. Alex Van Der Zwaan's (who already pled guilty in Mueller's probe) father-in-law, Russian billionaire German Khan, is a co-owner. This is also the same bank with the alleged server in Trump Tower. #TrumpLeaks

So Trump has just hired, as his new attorney, an almost certain witness in the Mueller probe. That means he will be paying money to, and sharing his own confidential testimony with, a fellow Mueller witness. This is both Obstruction and Witness Tampering. But hey, who's counting?

2/ Understand what this allows Trump to do (or what he *thinks* it does): allows him to discuss the Russia case and the pre-election Clinton email hoaxes with Giuliani, synch up his testimony, then ensure Giuliani can't discuss those conversations with Mueller.
He's transparent.

Here's Rudy talking about the illegal leaks he received from the NYC FBI office. The best part is him saying "I expected this [the reopening of the Clinton case] to happen 3 or 4 weeks ago," which means he was briefed on the "new" emails almost immediately after McCabe and Comey.

And here are two lengthy posts of Seth Abramson info from the past -- very enlightening about Guiliani's many sins



I've lost all respect for Katy Tur

And I doubt she has any chance of recovering.

She was on MTP this afternoon and spent some time blaming the "hyperpartisanship" on both sides.

That, as I'm sure all of you know, is pure nonsense.

It's not that I doubt there's partisanship on our side, it's just that:

1) We didn't start it -- it's been going on since Obama was elected and maybe since Gingrich's ascendency

2) Not every choice by any Democrat to oppose legislation or nominees, etc, is a purely partisan decision. Most, IMO, are highly principled.

3) There IS no possibility of bipartisanship with this crop of RepublCONS. You give a little, they'll take lots more, and NEVER return the favor.

Does she REALLY want Democrats nodding and agreeing and voting for and passing ALL the shit that Republicans want in service to bipartisanship? That's what it would require -- Dems just caving, and caving, and caving.

Her attitude also explains to me why -- and I find this true of Kasie too -- she often asks questions that are intentionally provocative or at least aimed at the Democratic party's soft spots at the moment just for controversy's sake, such as questions about whether whoever's in front of her is going to support Pelosi for Speaker or not, for example. And she can really push and push on questions like that too, completely ignoring far more important, tho less sexy and fun, issues at hand.

I had thought she was a good reporter, though I've been disappointed with her performance as an anchor, but this totally ends that for me. She's done.

Mrs Betty Bowers -- great video rebutting NRA talking points

This is a great video by "Mrs Betty Bowers"


Has Scott Pruitt committed any crimes in his tenure at EPA?

The reason I ask is that nobody is making any noise about the fact that Trump is doubling down to keep him, despite his many, many ethical failures.

No crimes in there??
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