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Lessons from the WWII Norwegian Resistance

I found this via a couple of tweets posted on a different thread but thought it deserved OP treatment.

ThreadReader https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1011002957406588928.html

My dad was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and thrown in a concentration camp for being in the Norwegian Resistance. Growing up, he would tell me things he learned in the Resistance. I thought, I'm never going to need this stuff. Here's some things of those things #Thread

First, you're never going to win a head on battle with an adversary that's got you outgunned. That's not the point of the Resistance. The point is to create friction, make it hard for your adversary to operate, to increase transaction costs.

Second, resistance doesn't have to be a dramatic act. It can be a small act, like losing a sheet of paper, taking your time processing something, not serving someone in a restaurant. Small acts taken by thousands have big effects.

Third, use your privilege and access if you've got it. He and his buddies stole weapons from the Nazis by driving up with a truck to the weapons depot, speaking German, acting like it was a routine pick up, and driving away.

Fourth, and this is part of the third point really, sometimes the best way to do things is right out in the open. Because no one will believe something like what you're doing would be happening so blatantly. All good Social Engineers know this.

Five, bide your time. But be ready for opportunity when it strikes. Again, your action need not be dramatic. Just a little sand in the gears helps.

Six, and this is a no brainer, operate in cells to limit damage to the resistance should they take you out. Limit the circulation of info to your cell, avoid writing things down and . . .

Seven, be very careful with whom you trust. Snitches and compromised individuals are everywhere. My Dad was arrested because of a snitch. His friends weren't so lucky, the Gestapo machine gunned the cabin they were in without bothering to try and arrest them.

Eight, use the skills you have to contribute. Dad was an electrical engineer. When the Nazis imposed the death penalty for owning a radio (the British sent coded messages to the Resistance after BBC shows) he said he became the most popular guy in town.

But everything's cool and we're not going to need to engage in any of this. We don't have a President who openly admires and coddles dictators while trashing our democratic allies. Our President has read the Constitution he's taken an oath to uphold, and so have his followers.

original Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/TorEkelandPC/status/1011002957406588928

ETA: This is the thread where I found a link that led me to this: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210792625

Oh dear: Trump Administration Now Has Fair Housing In Its Sights

HUD’s Carson Wants to Make It Easier for Banks, Insurers and Landlords to Redline Minorities

Please read it.

Move Over, Pruitt . . . Zinke Is This Week's King of Corruption

Week 74: Move Over, Pruitt . . . Zinke Is This Week’s King of Corruption
Also, Trump sells off our oceans.

Politico reported this week on a dizzying web of shady land deals and ethical improprieties involving Zinke, Halliburton head David Lesar, BNSF Railway, and some foundations and companies linked to the Zinke family. Grab yourself a coffee, rub your temples, and hunker down, because this is going to take a minute

Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a VA restaurant --

.@PressSec got kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va tonight. Apparently the owner didn’t want to serve her and her party out of moral conviction.


Alternatives to Detaining Immigrant Families

The Tried-And-True Alternatives to Detaining Immigrant Families


"Shockingly difficult" to locate separated children

It is shockingly difficult for immigration attorneys to locate children separated from their parents at the border. Today I spoke to lawyers who represent more than 400 parents. They've located two children.

Some of the bureaucratic failures are remarkable: Border Patrol agents who forgot to note that a child crossed the border with a parent. Mothers who were never given the toll-free phone number where they can ask about their kids.

US officials often don't answer that toll-free number. When attorneys get through, officials respond that their client's child is "in the United States."

In other cases, children are transferred from one shelter to another, and the new facilities don't make note that the child was separated from a parent. Meaning they could be mistakenly considered an unaccompanied minor.

Much of the government's information about the child's parent -- necessary for reunification -- comes directly from the child. What kind of information can a toddler provide? And what if that toddler speaks an obscure indigenous language?

So what do attorneys tell their clients? One lawyer at @TRLA says this: “We have to say we don’t know where your child is. The government is responsible for keeping your child safe. No parent would be satisfied with that.”

Here's the story we just published. It's clear to me that there is no plan to reunify these families.



Trump's Family Separations Are Unconstitutional - details

Trump’s Family Separations Are Unconstitutional
The courts must award damages to families torn apart by the policy.

First of all, the 14th Amendment applies to every “person,” not just citizens: “No state shall … deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The Supreme Court made that clear in 2001’s Zadvydas v. Davis, when it ruled that an alien’s detention would be considered illegal if it violated the Constitution.

Removing children from parents without due process is a constitutional violation under two Supreme Court cases: 1971’s Stanley v. Illinois and 1982’s Santosky v. Kramer. In both cases, the court held that parents have a constitutional right to the care and custody of their children under the 14th Amendment. This includes the right to due process if children are removed from their care.

... Parents thus do not lose their rights to due process under the 14th Amendment because they have been jailed or arrested. Unless she is declared unfit in a fair hearing, a parent who is arrested has the right to designate a caretaker or appoint a guardian. Federal laws governing funding for adoptions provide that if a child is in foster care for 15 of the past 22 months because of parental incarceration, the state can petition for parental rights to be terminated so the child can be freed for adoption. This is done in a court of law, following the law and procedures for fundamental fairness. The Trump administration did not follow these processes in rolling out its child-separation policy.

There is a fundamental problem with the Trump administration labeling people “criminals” before any sort of adjudication. Separation of powers forbids law enforcement from making determinations of guilt. Therefore, any attempt to punish people for a crime prior to adjudication violates the separation-of-powers doctrine and due process.

But even if parents and children are guilty of misdemeanors, the Eighth Amendment prohibits the infliction of “cruel and unusual punishment,” and it too applies to all “persons.” Trump administration officials have emphasized that the policy of family separation is a punishment designed as a deterrent. But the “crime” of illegal entry is a nonviolent misdemeanor. The administration decided that mere arrest for that misdemeanor was cause for family separation with a significant chance of no reunification.


My Fax to my MoC tonight --

Feel free to adopt or adapt any of it, if you like. The last 3 paragraphs were centered, in red, and in larger type. Certainly not my most eloquent -- I dashed it off quickly to just get it done. This is the free service I use:
Fax Senator https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php
Fax Congressional Rep https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php

We have a self-inflicted humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

What a day for the U.S. to pull out of the U.N. Human Rights Council – just as the entire world is seeing too much similarity between Trump and Hitler. Separating parents and children, and the internment of children, some of whom will NEVER be re-united with their parents again, is beyond immoral, beyond inhumane.

I repeat: Some of these children will NEVER be reunited with their parents. The administration has NO POLICIES or procedures or even adequate records for reuniting children and parents.

The U.S. has NO RIGHT to treat anyone that way, least of all asylum seekers, and even less so children of any age.

We are breaking our own laws; we are breaking international laws; we are breaking God’s laws.

Even more evil, the U.S. is preventing asylum-seekers from crossing at the designated legal checkpoints, thus forcing them to cross at the wrong spots and in the process to become ILLEGAL border crossers – a misdemeanor not usually punished by having one’s children stolen – to ensure more of them can be made subject to these inhumane Trump policies.

Children are being used as bargaining chips and ransom so Trump can get his way on other border policies. This is extortion. Using children this way is illegal and immoral.




About the bald-faced lies coming out of this administration

I had an epiphany when I heard about Hogan Gidley's astonishing up is down, black is white lies.

They know that their base believes anything. The rest of us don't matter and Trump -- thanks to Bannon's tutoring and advice -- is single-handedly focused on his base.

The lies are a purposeful, intentional strategy. They know they can get away with it with everyone else, and his base will believe him. So whatever narrative they choose to put out there, no matter how startlingly dishonest, will be fine.

Just as anyone of his team who goes on TV is playing to "an audience of one," they're all playing to an audience ONLY of the Trump base.

And they also know a certain percentage of others will hear the lies and eventually believe them.

That there is no price he'll ever pay for his lies, or the administration's lies, so he's home free.

Bald-faced Lying: The intentional media strategy of the Trump administration.

What woke the Republicans up?

Seriiously. Suddenly there's an avalanche of disapproving remarks from Congress about separating children from their parents. It's amazing. Yesterday, just a trickle -- Cruz, and then later in the day Murkowski. Collins was in there too somewhere. Now suddenly it seems everyone's on board.
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