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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 09:46 PM
Number of posts: 8,451

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

Does anyone know the name, etc. of the woman in the pro-Kavanaugh ads?

The ads are being run by Judicial Crises Network for reasons I cannot fathom, on MSNBC.

What's her story? Whose payroll is she on? Does she have a personal affinity for perjuring sexual predators?

If I was Trump's lawyer (God forbid).

I've been thinking about what advice I would give if I was Trump's lawyer. I think I have a series of steps that would work for him.

Secrecy is key. NO TWEATING. Tell no one what is going on - no one.

(1) Make a big show of removing all potential for emoluments, conflicts of interest, etc. by liquidating all businesses - the hotels, other real estate, securities, everything. Then move as quickly as possible to convert everything to cash - at fire sale costs if necessary.

(2) Keep a few hundred thousand in cash. Move as much money as possible into secure overseas accounts. Buy diamonds with the rest.

(3) Schedule a "summit" in Russia. Announce there is to be a big break through in US/Russian relations. Peace in our time - that sort of stuff.

(4) Suggest to Melania that she and Barron need to go along to see history being made. Tell the adult children and Jared you need them to go to assist in the summit. Don't forget the diamonds and cash.

(5) In route to Russia, sign pardons for the entire family, the Cabinet, staff, and anyone else that might be of interest to Mueller.

(6) Upon arrival in Moscow, find a TV camera and announce the pardons and your resignation.

(7) Send Air Force One back with any that want to go home. Recommend any considering going home to consult counsel about potential state charges before deciding.

(8) Buy a dacha on the Black Sea.

(9) Fade into history.

I think my plan works.

Somebody help my poor memory

What was the song being played as McCain's casket was being borne from the cathedral? I should know but do not.

Is there anyone to replace John McCain in the Republican party?

As often as I disagreed with John McCain, there was never any question he has a patriot. He loved his country and the Senate. He was a flawed but decent man.

When confronted with a president of his party who is neither a patriot nor a decent man, he stood up to him. He did so because he placed his country above the his party. Now, Senator McCain's party blindly follows a president to the point that it turns its back on John McCain and embraces not only an attack on our democracy but even the adversary nation that conspired, and continues to conspire, in that attack.

I hope but am not hopeful that somewhere in DC there is a republican Senator that is struck by the loss of Senator McCain and wonder if he or she should step-up and become the next real lion of the Senate - someone who puts the country and the institution of the Senate above the very short-term interests of the party.

As I say, I am not hopeful because it is difficult to be hopeful these days. Nevertheless, I will continue to hope.

Since Rachel's bit about her enjoying hearing the name Pecker

since then every time someone says "Pecker," Herself and I say:


Pecker and National Enquirer

I have seen the reports that Pecker was granted immunity. Does anyone know if The National Enquirer was granted immunity?

Corporations can be indicted too.

Welcome to the trial lawyer's world.

Waiting for the jury to come back is the most excruciating part of any trial. You wonder what could they be doing? What could I have done better? Was it all not as clear as it seemed to me?

All you have is the knowledge that it feels so good when it quits hurting - except when it doesn't.

Sucks, huh?

Is Alan Dershowitz OK?

I just tried to listen to Alan Dershowitz on Kasie DC. He had to resort to name calling and meaningless touting of his civil liberty bona fides. He was coming across badly - just another arrogant law professor who is confident he is always the smartest person in the room. I started to feel embarrassed for the guy.

He used to be a legitimate civil libertarian. Has he really just become a Trump shill? Is he selling his book. Or is he just past his sell-by date?

I took one for the team and read the Ninth Circuit Young open carry decision.

The bad news is that I think the decision is correct. Hear me out.

Both the majority opinion and dissent went to excruciating length in discussing the US and English history of the right to bear arms. However, the result could have been briefly stated.

SCOTUS decided in Heller that the Second Amendment creates a personal right - it is not connected with the "well-regulated militia." As the Ninth Circuit notes, the Second Amendment confers a right to keep and bear arms. Bearing arms means carrying. If the right to bear arms is a personal right per Heller, then there is a Constitutionally protected right to carry weapons. In light of the Heller decision, the Ninth Circuit decision is perfectly reasonable.

I expect an en banc review by the entire Ninth Circuit. No matter how the full Court rules, this will really need consideration by SCOTUS which will either have to seriously limit Heller, or every yahoo in America will be free to walk down Main Street with an AR15 on his shoulder. If SCOTUS finds a Constitutional right for every yahoo to do so, there might - just might - be support for a Constitutional amendment - as difficult as that would be.

The problem is that SCOTUS did not consider the unintended consequences in the Heller decision. Supreme Court justices ought to - but often do not - consider the next case before issuing decisions.

Buckle up. This will be interesting to watch.


Herself and I will be grandparents early in the new year.

Other than yet more unnecessary proof that we're old people, we are thrilled!
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