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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 09:46 PM
Number of posts: 8,402

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

Please, God.

Will these coaches and athletes please stop thanking Jesus for winning the game!

I get it, you're excited but surely God doesn't much care who wins a football game.

Carter Page fascinates me.

It takes about two minutes of listening to him to realize he is an idiot. He has been under investigation as a Russian agent, or at least asset, for a long time.

I've been trying to figure why any presidential campaign - even the Trump campaign - would let him stuff envelopes much less be a foreign policy adviser. It just does not seem possible.

Then it occurred to me. Page was in the inner circle because he was assigned to that position by the Kremlin and the Trump campaign had no choice.

The enemy of the enemy of the Republic is my friend.

I have witnessed a trend on DU. A recent example was a post about the tweet from Comey comparing Nunes to Joe McCarthy. I did not have to read many responses before the song began, "too little, too late," "he undermined Hillary," "he's a rethugnant," and suggestions that he should engage in obscene (if not physically impossible) acts. The same song is sung when Steve Schmidt or Joe Scarborough, etc. criticize Trump.

I'm old enough to remember Watergate. Watergate was a two-bit burglary and a bungled cover-up and obstruction. What we are facing now is far, far worse. We have a racist, probably mentally ill, would-be autocrat working over-time to replace our democratic Republic with a one-man reich.

Anyone, anyone who stands-up and calls attention to the fact the Republic is in peril should be applauded. All past sins must be, if not forgiven, at least overlooked. The repentant must be welcomed. The recently converted must be applauded.

There is simply too much at stake. All who are resisting Trump's attack on our institutions are in the same fight. Until the Republic is secure, Trump is out of the White House and the place thoroughly fumigated, we cannot throw stones at any one on our side of the lines.

The enemy of the enemy of the Republic is my friend.

Anyone out there in California's 22nd Congressional District?

Everything I can find on the Google Machine says that Nunes has one of the safest seats in Congress. Does that seem accurate on the ground? If so, how can that be possible?

I'm not being critical of the folks that live there. I live in Arkansas' 4th. My Representative is Bruce Westerman - every bit as mindless as Nunes, just not as well known. Hell, even the other Republican Congress members from Arkansas couldn't pick him out of a line-up.

I'm just wondering how the folks back home are responding to Nunes.

Has anyone heard an explanation for the stole, or wrap many Democrats were wearing tonight?

They were colorful but certain to have meant something.

Trump is preparing the Country for war.

He just finished a long section demonizing North Korea, including attacks as being anti-Christian.

This is what despots do in beating the war drums.

Why is Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC tonight (or ever)?

Does anyone listening to MSNBC want hear Hugh Hewitt?

SOTU Drinking Game.

Have you got your Trumpy buzzword for the drinking game?

Mine is "believe me." I expect to be drunker than Cooter Brown by the time it's over.

I have to tell this story somewhere.

Some days ago, I attended a funeral for an eighty-some thing year old man. The funeral was conducted in the funeral home chapel.

Before the service began, recorded music was playing. Pretty stuff - acoustic guitar. I found myself playing Name That Tune. I was amused to identify "Layla" (as in "you got me on my knees, Layla" ). Given the age of the decedent, I was reasonably certain it was not one of his favorites.

At the end of the service - during the southern tradition of parading past the open casket - I identified another tune, again on acoustic guitar. This time, it was a very pretty arrangement of "Whiter Shade of Pale."

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale.

It had to be an inside joke of whoever put together the funeral home tracks. I'm afraid that I smiled quite inappropriately. "Whiter Shade of Pale" has been stuck in my head for nearly a week.

Big Lay-Offs at WalMart

I couldn't find where this had been posted before.

After trumpeting pay raises for low level "Associates" as a result of the GOP tax-cuts, WalMart is in the second day of lay-offs at the corporate headquarters in Arkansas. There is no prior warning be given, employees show up for work wondering if they will be on today's hit list. The word on the street is that there will be another round of firings tomorrow.

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