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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 09:46 PM
Number of posts: 8,451

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

Airlines and Luggage.

I spent time in an airport today waiting for a flight. During that time, I heard an airline gate agent begging and then threatening passengers to gate-check their carry-on luggage. When I got off the plane, there was a crowd of people standing at the end of the jet way waiting for their gate-checked luggage making it a bit of a challenge to get off the plane.

Over the years, I notice more people with more and larger carry-on luggage. Getting on and off the plane involves the collection by passengers of luggage stashed all over the plane that then has to be struggled up the aisle. I then see some of these same folks at the baggage claim waiting for more luggage, so not all of these folks are trying to make a quick get away from the airport.

The airlines apparently want people to use carry-on luggage or else they wouldn't have started charging luggage fees. What I do not understand is why. I cannot remember the last time the gate agents didn't have to beg passengers to gate-check luggage. I cannot remember the last time I didn't see a passenger fighting a bag out of the overhead with it hitting someone. Wouldn't things run much more smoothly if the airlines encouraged passengers to check luggage? What am I missing here?

Sen. Cotton, as one Arkansas guy named Tom to another.

The good people of Arkansas are gullible but not stupid.

You were first elected from Arkansas crowing about your Army service. We folks in Arkansas appreciate military service. However, we folks in Arkansas still buy the idea of officers as ladies or gentlemen of honor. We know that Army values include honor and integrity. We also know that this week you have displayed neither.

One thing the good people of Arkansas don't have any time for is a liar. By lying for Trump you have earned the lowest criticism of any one from Arkansas: "Your mom 'n them raised you better that that."

This isn't about politics. This is about being a good and honorable person.

Senator Tom Cotton

I was working on a scree about my fury that Tom Cotton, as a former Army officer - who is so proud of his service - could be such a bald-faced liar about the meeting with Trump. I tried to do some research concerning the source of his commission (officer candidate school) and was reminded of a claim he has made in campaigns in Arkansas that he was offered a commission in the JAG Corp but declined in favor of the infantry.

From my not quite 30-years of experience in the Army JAG Corp (including a time as a JAG Field Screening Officer (recruiter) as an additional duty), Cotton's story just cannot be right. Law students - even those who already have commissions - apply for acceptance in the JAG Corps. I suppose that if some young lieutenant with the Medal of Honor and a law degree might be "offered" a JAG commission. Cotton does not hold the Medal of Honor. Per his website, he has the Bronze Star Medal which I assume he received while serving in Iraq - and note that it is not with a "V" (valor) devise.

While I really don't know much about his military service, it really doesn't seem that impressive. He gets credit for enlisting with a law degree (although it seems a bit odd). I have to give him credit for going to Airborne and Ranger School. He gets a lot of credit for the Iraq service. (The time in the Old Guard just means he is tall and looks good in a blue uniform.) The story that someone in a position to do so would deviate from the system and "offer" him a JAG commission just doesn't ring true.

All of that to ask a question: Does anyone know about Cotton's claim that can clue me in?

The Orange One walked on the field for the National Anthem at the football game.

Was it wishful thinking or was I hearing boos with the cheers?

YEAH! The beard is gone.

Lawrence shaving the beard shaved ten years and added 20 IQ points to his appearance.

Thank you Lawrence.

Preparing for last family Christmas gathering - scotch involved.

I'm pre-partying with a decent single malt scotch for my parent's Christmas gathering.

The challenge is my brother. He moved to Kansas for his last assignment in the Army, married a local and stayed there. He is ultra-conservative even by Kansas standards. A hard-core Trumpster to the last - still convinced HRC ought to be in jail somewhere.

I don't know what happened to him. He was raised better. Our mother was a Democratic county office holder. Our father is a die-hard Democrat. It must be the water in Kansas.

I rarely get through any visit with him without a political argument but I really don't need that tonight.

Dona nobis pacem.

Steve Kornacki is having a stroke!

He's having a ball with his "big board!"

I have a concern about the polls in Alabama.

The old-timers here in Arkansas say that back in the Faubus years, you couldn't find anyone who would admit to having voted for the guy and yet he won handily election after election.

I suspect that an Alabama voter called by a pollster would not admit to planning to vote for Moore but when s/he gets into the privacy of the voting booth will do so. Wednesday morning, you won't be able to find anyone to admit they voted for Moore and yet he will have been elected by a wide margin.

Yeah, I know. I'm a skeptic.

If your theology allows for petitionary prayer, my I suggest:

Dear Lord, for Tuesday's election in Alabama, we pray.

For a good turn out of African-Americans who do not think antebellum America was better than the America of today, we pray to the Lord.

For be a good turn out of decent people of all faiths (and those without faith) who know that preying on Children is disqualifying for public office, we pray to the Lord.

For a good turn out of Republicans who know that if Moore wins, he will be an albatross hung around the neck of the Republican party for years, we pray to the Lord.

For a good turn out of woman who have simply had enough of misogynists and sexual predators in public office, we pray to the Lord.

For a good turn out of Alabamians who do not want to see their State stereotyped, we pray to the Lord.

For a good turn out of people of all political stripes who have had enough of the debasing of American politics, we pray to the Lord.

For your people to reject the blasphemy of your name for political advantage, we pray to the Lord.

Lord, hear our prayer.


Feel free to adapt the prayer to match your faith. If you are without faith, be patient with mine.

Veshi & Ruhle blew it on Occupational Licensing.

Velshi & Ruhle ran a story today attacking occupational licensing. In a very one sided story, Velshi & Ruhle gave coverage only to the ALEC spokesman to attack States' occupational licensing.

We have been fighting this battle for Arkansas for four years. Every session, one of the ALEC-purchased legislators introduces legislation to do away with almost all professional and occupational licensing - no licensing for accountants, engineers, architects, etc. The theory is that if an unlicensed electrician burns down a couple houses, the market will take care of it.

There is no question but that States like Arkansas have some licensing requirements that make little sense. The solution is to look at these individually and correct any problems. The solution is not to loose untrained and unqualified people on an unsuspecting public.

Veshi and Ruhle presented only one side of the issue without any examination into what is being attempted by ALEC.

I am a big MSNBC fan - but they blew it this time.

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