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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 08:46 PM
Number of posts: 8,615

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

Powerful commentary by a successful AA attorney.

Posted with the permission of the author is a link to a commentary by attorney Ricardo Woods of Mobile, Alabama published in the on-line publication of DRI (Defense Research Institute), an organization of civil litigation defense attorneys - about as establishment as it gets.

I will not attempt to add to Mr. Woods' commentary other than to say it is a moving account of being black in American - no matter how successful.


I do not engage in social media outside DU. Please post this link elsewhere.

Saturday night dinner.

Salmon seared on the outdoor flattop griddle with homemade honey mustard glaze. Parmesan asparagus on the griddle for the side.

A question for workers compensation lawyers.

I am a tort and insurance law guy - I don't know from beans about workers compensation, so bear with me.

If an employer knows that there are multiple Covid-19 hot spots in an industry, say meat processing. Despite this knowledge, the employer keeps the business open with employees working cheek-to-jowl with no effective protective equipment. When there is an outbreak in a given plant, are the infections compensable?

Getting back to my area, if the employees do not have a compensable injury - and therefore the exclusive remedy of workers compensation applies - there could be might fine tort cases.

An Irish sheep herder's response to the barber being shut.

I'm becoming desperate but am not quite there yet.


NIH looking for volunteers for Covid-19 antibody tests.

Following is a link to an NIH post asking for volunteers for a study of the prevalence of Covid-19 antibodies among people who have been asymptomatic. Since all the testing to date has been among symptomatic persons, this kind of testing is essential for knowing the prevalence of exposure. The e-mail link to volunteer is in the NIH post.

I know the concerns about giving the government a blood sample but if you can swallow your privacy concerns for the public good, please help. For all veterans who have served in the last several years, the government already has your DNA.


Yes, I have volunteered.

Bragging on a local school district (and my niece).

My niece is working as a teacher's aide in a nearby rural school district while she completes her schooling. Today was the first day after spring break. Of course, the schools are closed.

A lot of the kids in this district are on free or reduced-costs meals. There are many that the meal they get at school is the only real meal they get during the day.

The school staff met this morning to pack lunches. My niece then boarded a school bus. The bus driver drove her usual route with my niece delivering meals to the kids along the route. The school equipped her with gloves and a mask.

The staff are kept on the payroll and the kids get meals. A win/win. She might be safer at home but the kids would go unfed. I'm proud of my niece and the school district.

On Edit: The kids are being fed breakfast and lunch - just like they would if they were at school.

A disturbing e-mail from the Army today.

I looked for another post on this but didn't find one. If I'm repeating someone else, I'm sorry.

I received an e-mail today from the Army G-1, the head of Army personnel. The e-mail was sent through the Defense Finance and Accounting System (military pay) system and appears to have gone to all retired Army personnel.

The e-mail was asking for retired Army medical personnel (doctors, nurses, medics, etc.) to volunteer for recall to active duty if needed. My assumption is they are looking at how to staff the field hospitals going up across the country. The e-mail said the Army is looking for medical types but would like to hear from any other retirees interested in recall. I can see a use for medical services types (the people who actually run hospitals), engineers, and maybe MPs (for hospital security). I cannot see much need for retired judge advocates, so my conscious is clear (so far).

Understand that the Army is big on planning before the need arises. I did not read the message as offering to start recalling retired folks - just putting together a list. Nevertheless, someone at the Army staff level thinks this cheese may get binding.

Am I the only one whose face itches all the time now that I'm told not to touch my face?

A humble proposal concerning posting in the Democratic Primaries forum.


We're essentially down to Biden and Sanders. One of these guys is going to be our candidate. Whichever ends up our nominee, he will need all our support.

At this point, the supporters on neither side will convince the other. There is nothing to be gained by pissing-off the other side than re-electing Trump.

Please - please - read your post before hitting "Post my Thread." If your post is going to piss-off supporters for the other guy, don't do it.

As an old guy raised in the south, I can't decide if I'm amused or just pleased.

It turns out that a lot of white southerners (like me) were waiting to see how African Americans in South Carolina voted to decide for whom they would vote.

We were waiting to be told by AAs how to vote. The arc of the moral universe sometimes takes interesting bends.
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