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flibbitygiblets's Journal
flibbitygiblets's Journal
November 30, 2018

Something else I'd like Michael Cohen to help us all understand: Loyalty to Trump

I utterly fail to understand why anyone would be loyal to someone so vain, self-absorbed, incapable of humility or empathy, who gaslights and blames victims, who is so OBVIOUSLY full of shit and a con artist.

Why do we need this information? Because if someone can actually explain it, maybe we can use it against Trump's blind, stupid, arrogant followers.

Michael Cohen is famous for saying he'd "take a bullet for Mistah Trump". Not until Trump left Cohen swinging in the wind and facing dozens of years in prison, did that fool see the light and become (his words) a "patriot".

What will it take for 1/3 of America to do the same?

November 26, 2018

Waiting breathlessly to see how Melanie will decorate the WH this year.

Last year I believe the theme was "Have yourself a bleary little Christmas (instead of mistletoe, she went with the world's largest cameltoe)".

Yeah, pretty sure that was it.

November 21, 2018

Ivanka calls for prison reform for women as demands to Lock Her Up over email scandal continue

Source: TheUnitedStatesBlues.com

President Donald Trump’s attacks on Hillary Clinton came back to haunt him this week after his daughter Ivanka was exposed for using personal email to conduct government business. And the calls to “lock her up” have been raining down.

In the mother of all hypocrisies, Ivanka was caught using her private email account for much of 2017.

Read more: https://theunitedstatesblues.com/ivanka-calls-for-prison-reform-for-women-as-demands-to-lock-her-up-over-email-scandal-continue/

Oh Ivanka-donk. You going DOWN, b.
November 15, 2018

Actually, Don, it's a Whiny Little Bitch Hunt

And we're all lookin at you

November 1, 2018

When's the last time you mooned someone? Or got mooned?

"mooning" friends or even strangers was such a quintessential mid-70's thing, often done in the rear window of a car as an alternative to "flipping the bird" as a response to some minor traffic faux-pas (or sometimes for no reason other than just to be funny). I haven't thought about it in decades.

But now we have one of those security doorbells that takes motion-sensor video, which goes straight to me & the spouse's cellphone. So, it's been game-on to see who can out-do each other..

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