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Garland will not indict Trump, and here's why...

If they indict him, he will not be a viable candidate in 2024. If they leave him as is, then he splits the republican party and DeSantis doesn't have a chance of winning. If the republicans take Trump out of the mix, then DeSantis becomes a strong contender and possibly unites the party and wins in 2024.

Just a theory, but plausible. Personally, I think they should lock Trump up and throw away the key and then the Dem's should crow about being the law and order party. Unfortunately, the red part of this country isn't all that bright and would probably be corralled by Fox news into voting against their best interests as usual.

Republican senator Lindsey Graham set to propose national abortion ban

Is anyone following this? I hope he does because that will drive more women to the polls.

It amazes me how overtly fascist Fox news is.

Fox pushes the notion of the "other" as the enemy, made abundantly clear with their "Outnumbered" segment where they do the bulk of their immigrant bashing. Stunningly nationalistic and racist. God forbid some of those brown people leak into your town and take away your job.

Ghislaine Maxwell moved to low-security prison in Florida

Ghislaine Maxwell has been sent to a low-security prison to serve her 20-year prison sentence for procuring teenage girls to be abused by the financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The 60-year-old has been moved to FCI Tallahassee in Florida, according to the Bureau of Prisons. She will be eligible for release on 17 July 2037.
Her lawyers repeatedly complained that conditions at the Brooklyn jail were “reprehensible”. They claimed Maxwell was subjected to such invasive surveillance that it “rivals scenes of Dr Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration” from the film The Silence of the Lambs.


I'm sure she's enjoying the pool and tennis courts in her new cushy low security prison. It's all about the money - any regular individual would have been thrown in the stir and that would have been it. People like Ghislaine and Martha Stewart get a time out with private rooms.

Bulletproof steel shelters sold as solution to school shootings

A company in Fort Pierce, Florida – not far from Parkland, site of the 2018 school shooting that killed 17 – is stirring controversy with its plan to protect children from school shootings by hiding them in bullet-resistant steel enclosures.

To many, the idea of directing children into stark metal boxes serves as an alarming symbol of a country that fails time and again to address the causes of its gun violence crisis.

Read more at"


Revealed: Trump used White House phone for call on January 6 that was not on official log

Source: The Guardian

Donald Trump used an official White House phone to place at least one call during the Capitol attack on January 6 last year that should have been reflected in the internal presidential call log from that day but was not, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The former president called the phone of a Republican senator, Mike Lee, with a number recorded as 202-395-0000, a placeholder number that shows up when a call is incoming from a number of White House department phones, the sources said.

The number corresponds to an official White House phone and the call was placed by Donald Trump himself, which means the call should have been recorded in the internal presidential call log that was turned over to the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/mar/30/trump-used-white-house-phone-call-capitol-attack-jan-6-not-official-log

Sounds like a smoking gun to me....

Nixon vs Trump re: cover up.

18 1/2 minutes vs 457 minutes..... Hmmm could it possibly be a cover up? It's amazing how the press always poses the most obvious thing as a question. The only question is WHO covered it up!!!!

Did anyone else catch Stacey Abrams on "Star Trek: Discovery?

I won't give away any spoilers since this has just aired, but it was really cool to see her name on the credits at the end of the show.

I am so sick of all the media whores throwing shade at Biden

The pandemic isn't his fault and I think he's doing a great job trying to stay ahead of it, and to keep people safe. I understand that Stacey Abrams is upset about problems with voting rights but, again, Biden isn't responsible for having two albatrosses around his neck named Sinema and Manchin. Even if he gets them to go along with a carve out for the filibuster there's still no guarantee the bill will pass.

Our whore media just wants to gin up blame and confusion because it sells clicks and ads. They really don't give a rats ass - it's just about money.

The funnist Laura Ingraham clip I've ever seen


Who's on first, whats on second.
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