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Polar vortex this...

Sometime in the 1970's when I was about 12 years old, the temperatures at night in central Maine went down to -43F for about three weeks. That's not even a record. The lowest recorded temp in Maine was -50F. As a kid I remember that after it got below -13F it didn't much matter, it was just damned cold. No one went on and on about frost bite or danger. you just dressed for the weather and that was that. People just had to deal. The cars were fitted with head bold heaters, and my brother would go out in the middle of the night and start the car to keep the anti freeze from coagulating so he could get to work on time. Daytime temperatures were a balmy -23 degrees during that stretch. There was a lot of complaining, but no one died. I seem to remember that people were much more pragmatic (almost stoic) back then. It wasn't even news.

The media is all about stirring it up and manufacturing crisis to make sure you stay tuned.

Can Louise Mensch now say "I told you so"?

Louise Mensch was screaming about this existence of SIGINT and 5-Eyes surveillance, and treason since June of 2017. She obviously had some connections with inside intelligence. I think she guesses on a lot of stuff and tried to piece things together into a believable scenario in her articles but on balance has been way ahead of the media.
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