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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 650

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Call me crazy, Hillary Clinton for president in 2020.

I have been watching the Rachel Maddow Show on CNBC covering the Inspector General report. I am livid and saddened by the injustice done to Hillary Clinton. We all as a nation owe her an apology for actions taken by the Trump, the GOP and the media.
Call me crazy I do not care, but I believe that if she run for president she can win this time hands down and the nation will vote for her with the exception of the deplorables. I believe under her leadership with all we now know of this corrupt president and administration the Gop will suffer their worst defeat in history and they deserve it.
Think about it seriously !!!!!

I have a small brain and low IQ....help me with this puzzle.

kim Jong Un is rightfully portrayed as a ruthless leader who kill his own people.
Our own president on the other hand working hard with his own party to ultimately strip 40 million American ( his own people) from their health care without viable replacement. A fact that will lead to thousands of deaths form lack of health care.
Why Trump is not being called a ruthless leader who kills his own people albeit at a slower rate.

Congratulations! another badge of honor on the chest of this Administration.

UN Human Rights High Commissioner has asked the U.S. to immediately stop separating parents from their children at the boarder crossing as it violate international human rights (on MSNBC now.)
another possible NOBEL PRIZE for Trump...maybe?

Are the Democrats being aggressive enough to sweep to victory in the 2018 elections.

I feel the Democratic Party can do a lot more in standing up to
the Republicans . The Democrats seem to want to play it safe and not rock the boat.
as if these are normal times in our country’s history.
Hoping that the Republicans would make all the mistakes and fumble the ball.
But without offering a real alternatives, real solutions we fall short.Why offer ‘’A better deal”. Why not offer the
“BEST DEAL”. The American people deserve the best deal possible, not just a better deal!
I know I am being hard but these are serious Times and challenges that threaten our country's future and our way of life and the rule of law.
Some Democrats may think that they can somehow sway Trump supporters and the fox news
watchers away from trump.
Some believe that openly suggesting holding the president accountable
not, to mention impeachment, will doom their chances to win. Some even said if they push
harder in that direction it might split the country further. Well “breaking news” the country
is already split.
What we have, friends, is the most corrupt administration in American history.
The FBI and DOJ are attacked daily by presidential tweets.
The president himself has openly defied the constitution and the rule of law ,even thinks of
himself as above both. He is a constant Liar. He has divided the country. Split our Allies and
Nato. He is launching a global trade war using the carrot and stick against our neighbors and
allies and only the carrots toward our adversaries like Russia and China for example.
Our Allies are like family stood with us through thick and thin we should not threaten them, instead
We should find consensus that would benefit both sides .
Trump gave tax breaks to the richest 1% on the expenses of the middle and lower income
families. Millions are going off health insurance. Millions have to work low paying jobs some
have to work two jobs to make ends meet. I am one of them.
It is good for the Democratic Party to find good suitable candidates particularly women
to run for office and should continue and expand the grass root movement in finding and
registering voters. But why not following several roads and several strategies at the same time.
So the slogan “when they go low we go high” sounds great. At the same time we also should
follow another strategy that when they go low and lie we kick their butts.
Now the democrats can beat this corrupt reality TV administration along with the GOP party
that has abdicated its responsibility to be the checks and balance to the executive branch .
Time for actions. Time to be bold, loud, determined and courageous .
Our forefathers as well the coming generations expect that from us.
Our time is now to save the future.
I know some of you will not like what I am saying.
But my love of this great country and its entire people dictates it.

The greatest negotiator in history. Just another ploy?

Do you remember Trump requesting
from the Mexican president, during
the wall negotiations, to say publicly
that Mexico will pay for it and he will find a
way to reimburse Mexico so Trump
Would come out looking like a winner. The Mexican president refused.
Well the same here my friends. Trump is eager for a win with N. Korea at any price that the likely outcome will be the following:
N. Korea to agree in principle to
dismantle its nuclear weapons over a longer time, say 5 to 10 years while we build
mutual trust. Trump will come out
proclaiming he won and how he is
the greatest negotiator the world
has ever seen and all that jazz. Actually all he is doing
is kick the can down the road.
The real winner will be N.Korea as it will keep its nukes to fight another day
and Trump already would have sold the farm.

A con mans guide to N.Korea negotiations.

Do you remember Trump request
from the Mexican president,during
the wall negotiations, just say publicly
that Mexico will pay for it and will find a
way to reimburse Mexico so Trump
Would look like a winner.
Well the same here my friends .
N. Korea to agree in principle to
dismantle it's nuclear weapons over a long time, say 5 to 10 years while we build
mutual trust. Trump will come out
proclaiming he won and how he is
the greatest negotiator the world
has ever seen and all he had done
is kick the can down the road.
The real winner will be N.Korea
and Trump would have sold the farm.

America ....... A ship in the ocean.

If America is a super ship in the middle of the ocean with one third of its passengers led by a con man, are not happy with the ships destination, they decided to poke a hole in the middle of the ship in order to force change. Should the remaining two thirds of the passengers stand there and do nothing and watch the ship sink?

Dictators play book.

1- Discredit free media.
2- Discredit the IC.
3- Discredit the independent judicial.
4- silence those who do not agree with you
whether they are individuals or business
by turning government agencies against
5- control the message by lying and
creating your own alternative facts.

Then stuff all the above with your supporters.The more corrupt they are and the weaker they are the better.
Now, you are a Dictator.
Does that sound like a familiar blue print?
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