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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 640

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Since 2016 election the GOP has been

Jamming their policies down our throat
claiming that election has consequences .
I waited patiently for the day when
They lose and the day is here.
So to all the trump supporters
When we take over the house remember
Elections has consequences .

Less than 24 hours from the midterm

and trump wage war. Trump will not cooperate on any item of the Democrats
Agenda. So the leadership of the Democratic Party who are running away from the fight with trump, the fight is running after you. So god dam their is no escape. Your first item is impeachment
it is not to spit trump rather it is to save America.

The latest lie from our liar in chief today

Floating a trade deal with china so he can
get the market higher before the mid term
election. Out of nowhere even to the negotiators he told them to drat an agreement now. The same lie like tax break
to the middle class on or before November
first. Well today is November second.
The next lie from him may be world peace
before November 6th????
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