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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 640

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To DU, thanks for being their.

You have provided an outlet to my emotional rollercoaster, my anger toward the current madness we are experiencing
with the con and his administration. you have, through your member's comments, enriched my views even when it was critical.
DU thanks for being A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS !!!!!

Who would have believed that Trump is a liar!!?

I just heard frank Sinatra,s song "...and now the end is near" how appropriate!!!!!

one word.


Trump wants to revoke the security clearance of several former security officials

whose patriotism is unquestioned but he grants his son in law Jared Kushner security clearance despite his clearly questionable
behavior with the Russians and trying to use the Russian embassy to communicate with the Kremlin.
give me a break.

The FISA documents of Carter Page clearly shows

that the Democrats, the Department of Justice and the FBI were telling the TRUTH. While the Republicans and Trump
were LIERS and still lying.

Lets call it for what it is, the man is clearly a traitor and he thinks we are all too dumb

to notice. Well, we all now know who you are, and the Republicans who are standing with you and providing cover are equally guilty.

God protect and bless America from the party of EVIL and we should all stand united in our outrage.
We will resist as well as VOTE. Let us make Nov.2018 the light at the end of this dark tunnel

I am so sorry. I seem to have gotten it wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Was it make America great again or make Russia great again?????

He was a Traitor yesterday, he is still a Traitor today and will continue to be until we kick him

out of the White House.

Today arrest of the Russian citizen Butina is but the latest example of the great work of the FBI.

The FBI has been working diligently to protect us even at the hardest of times when they are constantly attacked
by Trump and the Republicans in Congress.
To the men and women of the FBI from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.
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