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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 640

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GOP witness Turley said that the

Case for impeachment is wafer thin.
I say in responds that ur brain
Mr Turley is the real wafer thin.
Can u believe that there are people
with such stupidity and ignorance
Are living among us ? And treated
As Experts.

Dear Mr Biden.

This is ur time to show ur true metal.
Fight hard for ur honor
and that of ur family against a corrupt,
Dishonest president who lacks basic decency .
His line of attack will not stop unless
You stand firm and make him pay
A heavy price for his lies.
Do not be quite and do rely on
The idea that people will eventually
figure it out. With his continues lies
people will be more confused .
So sir beat him on and on like a drum
Show how his businesses and hotels
And children are benefiting every
Day from his behavior and corruption.
If he goes low u kick his butt.

An enabler to a crime

is just as guilty as those who commits
Senator McConnell your obstruction
makes u partner in mass murder.
our own bin McConnell!!!!!!

The real undisputed collusion.

We learned a lot about the investigation
and the report.
But what is most glaring regarding
collusion is the clear collusion
between trump and the republican
party to continue the obstruction
Of justice and cover up of a totally corrupt
President. We need to hold the republican
Party as equally guilty party of cover
Up and obstruction of justice.

Facts speak louder than words

According to Wikipedia the ranks of
Life expectancy among all the counties
Of the world speaks volume against
perpetual lies perpetrated on us every
single day by the GOP.
Almost all Western European, Canada
Australia, even Macaw,Hong Kong
, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and many more ranked ahead of us. We are ranked
At 53. So if we have the best in the
World why are we living shorter life span
Than 52 other counties. Health care
is a basic humane right many of us just
Can't afford it. Our health care
Is great only if one can afford it.
How can America be great if we are
ranked 53?

Thank you for all your hearts.

Nancy Pelosi, this is history calling.

The only good thing out of Trump being president is that he exposed the loopholes in our system
and the dangers of a con man as commander-in-chief, a political party that abdicated its oath to
Uphold the constitution and aided by a foreign power that is good at cultivating assets.
A perfect storm that unless we stand united against it our democracy is in peril.

Trump is lying out of his ass again.

Collusion, Manafort and the Senate intelligence committee.

Wow, the ruling came down that Manafort lied to investigators on collision with the Russians.
Don't you find it odd that only yesterday senator Barr decided to state that there is no evidence of collusion?
Is that a deliberate distraction from the ruling of today by the Republicans.
I believe it is. However, the truth is pilling up.

Inventing the wheel and the republicans.

We donít have to invent the wheel, just copy the Republicans strategy to advance their agenda.
The Democratic Party has to have a media outlet dedicated in its entirety to explaining its point of views and defend its agenda to the American people 24/7 like fox news without its lies and fake news. We have to explain our ideas so we can convince voters and address the Republicans constant fear mongering and lies. Doing that we unequivocally will win and without it making headway against them will be far harder to achieve.
Psychologists have proved that beyond doubt.
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