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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
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I am watching Ari on MSNBC. I cant believe how bad Schultz is.

no more games, fight positively. There are many coffee shops but only one America.

Please enlighten me whether or not it is a good idea.

CNBC and Bloomberg are for corporate America. Advancing their interests and supporting their views and being cheerleaders
of the stock market.
Fox news and its orbit supporters advance right wing and ultra-conservative views or even extreme right anti-immigrants, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-people of color, supporting their views with lies, made up facts and fake news in their endeavor.
CNN, MSNBC, Abc, CBS, and NBC are owned by big media companies, all feel obligated to bring the views on both sides of an issue without interjecting or imposing their own and without a strong push back on views that are clear lies and made up facts.
There are individual efforts by hosts who do, like Como, Rachel, Lawrence, and several others. But media giants are prisoners of ratings.
So who will advance the liberal and progressive agenda such as health care for all Americans?
which is a basic human right among the civilized world, there is nothing anti-American about taking care of Americans, with all due respect to Bloomberg, Schultz, and Erick Trump, the opposite is the anti-American stand.
3.5% of Americans are millionaires or billionaires, that means 96.5% of Americans are not, half of which can,t come up with $400 dollars in an emergency.
The primary responsibility of any decent government is taking care of all its citizen's. On top of the list are defense, security, health, and education as well as a legal system that is fair and equitable for all, not just a few, the rich and powerful.
That is not socialism unless having clean drinkable water, clean air to breeze or emergency service is socialism or anti-American.
Now tell me if I am wrong in saying we the people should have our own platform, our own megaphone, a media outlet to clearly advance American idealism where real debate can take place and real facts can be advanced not an alternative reality.
we need a media outlet that represents America,s real problems and discusses real solutions without constraints of ratings and trying to please everybody coverage. We need a true debate on policies without the fear-mongering and lies. Without the using of words that scare voters on a primal and emotional level and make them vote against their own clear interest.
The media has enormous power over shaping public opinion. It is true as psychology proved over and over that lies repeated often enough became perceived facts unless lies are exposed regularly and consistently over and over we will not advance progressive and liberal agenda favoring the majority of Americans, not just a few.
As I am writing this Trump is answering reporters questions from the oval office. Nonstop lies from him and very weak follow up
from reporters. This has to stop and our leaders have to be held to account if they mislead us.
I am calling for the formation of a new competitive media company managed by field experts and a strong board of directors. Well-financed by the general public shareholding to defend the interest of the majority of Americans and hold politicians to account.

According to sen. Graham Trump is floating the idea of military intervention in Venezuela.

He floated that idea before. Including the taking of Libyan oil, Afghanistan industrial minerals, and Iraqi oil through private companies formed for that purpose. he does not give a shit about democracy or human rights. He claims that is to compensate for our dead and wounded soldiers. Really?
The man is a thief and money hungry and corrupt to the core.
America has always stood for our core values which do not include old fashion imperialism.
Please speak up.

A true leader. Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I am so impressed with the speaker of the
House. She is displaying an elegance of character, strength of convection intellectual honesty will of steel and humility mixed with ambition.
I truly think we have a warrior and a champion to heal America from the evil and damage that trump inflected on us all.
History,s womb has always gave birth to leaders when we are least expect them
and when they are desperately needed.
Well I believe she is here to close the chapter on this sorry despicable farce of
a president.
I think she will make one great president
to our great republic.

Dear speaker Nancy. Thank you for

standing firm. We are behind and proud
of you. Some one has to stand against
trump effort to break our union.
God bless.

Trump does what he wants without regards

to the rule of law, the constitution or separation of power. He is holding
the government employees hostages
in order to achieve political objectives
which is an act of terror in my opinion against innocent civilian population.
Charge him with those crimes and many
more before he destroy the country .
Or impeach the MF.

Terrorism in a broader definition is the killing

Or hurting or taking hostages of innocent
civilians for the purpose of achieving
political objectives. So when Trump
takes the innocent government employees
hostages and put them through financial
and psychological hardship and suffering
in order to achieve political objectives
what should we call it, a policy dispute or a Plain act of terror against innocent
Population ?

I have stated openly on this platform that we need stronger democratic leadership when Nancy was

running for the speakership. I was wrong. the way Nancy is handling her responsibility
makes me proud of her and glad that she is at the helm at this critical time against the most corrupt and insane president
in American history. So Nancy sorry and thank you keep the good work.

Our thanks and gratitude to the men and women

Of the FBI.
You have proven one more time that
you are the shield that protect our country.
That your values and professionalism
are beyond reproach. You are a proud
institution that tower over the traitors
who sell our values and our interests
for money. Keep your heroic work
and know we love and respect you for
what you do.

lindsey graham, what does trump have on you? is it sex, money or both? please come clean.

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