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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 640

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Thank you for all your hearts.

Nancy Pelosi, this is history calling.

The only good thing out of Trump being president is that he exposed the loopholes in our system
and the dangers of a con man as commander-in-chief, a political party that abdicated its oath to
Uphold the constitution and aided by a foreign power that is good at cultivating assets.
A perfect storm that unless we stand united against it our democracy is in peril.

Trump is lying out of his ass again.

Collusion, Manafort and the Senate intelligence committee.

Wow, the ruling came down that Manafort lied to investigators on collision with the Russians.
Don't you find it odd that only yesterday senator Barr decided to state that there is no evidence of collusion?
Is that a deliberate distraction from the ruling of today by the Republicans.
I believe it is. However, the truth is pilling up.

Inventing the wheel and the republicans.

We donít have to invent the wheel, just copy the Republicans strategy to advance their agenda.
The Democratic Party has to have a media outlet dedicated in its entirety to explaining its point of views and defend its agenda to the American people 24/7 like fox news without its lies and fake news. We have to explain our ideas so we can convince voters and address the Republicans constant fear mongering and lies. Doing that we unequivocally will win and without it making headway against them will be far harder to achieve.
Psychologists have proved that beyond doubt.

Well, you must have heard the news from the Senate intel. committee.

There is no direct evidence between Al-Capone and the valentine day massacre because there was no signed contract
for the murder ordered by Al-Capone.
Same thing L & J no signed contract between the Russians and our snow white President.
Oh, wow that is comforting. Now we can move forward....not.

I have been watching the hearing. I have been struggling to finds words

to objectively describe my feelings regarding the Republicans.
well after several hours of struggle, I can sum it in the following opinion.

Mr Muller, please please please hurry up.

Our leader those republicans are clapping for has stolen money from his charity foundation.
stolen money from the people who joined Trump University. paid porn stars for sex while married and committed felonies in the process of hiding it. admitted groping and sexually assaulting women. Covered up for murderous dictators and wants to steal Iraqi, Libyan, Venezuelan oil. Arranged for pay for play with rich oil Gulf countries. separated infants and children from their families of refugees seeking asylum. contributing to global warming, started new global atomic weapons race. Reduced consumer protections on food, medicine, financial services and the air we breeze and the water we drink and soooooo much more.
2020 is coming and we should throw the Republicans and their crooked leader in the trash bins all across America.

I thought that Barnum and Bailey circus is gone out of business.

So what are all those Republican clowns doing on tv?

Thank you Trump and the Republicans for showing us a true third world leadership based on lies and

alternative reality show. Now where exactly are all those accomplishments, I am working two jobs and can't make ends meet
you f... liar.
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