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Member since: Wed May 31, 2017, 09:50 PM
Number of posts: 23

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I'm here it's panther

I was asked to check in by irisisblue.
Just wanted to let her know I drank some oolong iced tea I made a pitcher and ate some veggies.A medium sized bowlful. And 3 spoonfuls of coconutalmondbutter. Ok I was going to watch tv but I have an antenna and local storms put that idea out the window.

As for my cat he's a masked tuxy got him from the shelter as a ball of black n white fluff he has grown into a fine handsome young man he has amazing golden eyes pink nose and 3 pink toes all the rest are black. He loves being held upside down. He's 50/50%black & white his name is Othello and his white hairs are longer than his black hairs and they intermix in wild shapes and sprays. I love him very much . Oh and he does not meow
He speaks in chips and other often adorable noises
. This is why all my closets and cabinets are tied shut he can't meow to let me know he's stuck. Happened once when he was a kitten scared the crap out of me. He left a dump in the closet. So I keep places he could be stuck shut and doors open. He does things his way but he is a golden heart and really cares,to show love he'll just come over look into my eyes and place a paw on my cheek. He is a very unique cat and I adore him.
Posted by Underground-Panther | Sun Jun 18, 2017, 07:13 PM (8 replies)

Hi I'm underground panther long-time poster here

Who started over with another account lost my post count and everything.

Got one question now that the wealth gap is so bad that 5 people basically own what the entire world makes

When are we gonna tell these hoarders they have enough and cut off thier access. By access I mean any form of revenue be it credit,cash or money in any form and take some of those stolen goods they've hidden in offshore hidey holes back to the millions they stole it from?

How long are humanity gonna let a few arrogant self important thieves Rob the world?

And when are we going to admit capitalism had it's day and now no longer is working?

There are millions of poor only a few rich alot of stupid in america,but this issue is bigger than all the ignorant redneck racist idiots in America.
Posted by Underground-Panther | Tue Jun 13, 2017, 01:21 AM (6 replies)
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