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Name: Persists
Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Tue Jun 6, 2017, 08:46 PM
Number of posts: 290

Journal Archives

Bernie Sanders Can Shut This Investigation Down With One Answer.

"Was an SAR filed by People's Bank?"

No? Well, then Toensing is a Republican hack.

Yes? Well. I'd get a lawyer, too.

Tim Canova Tweets out Yet ANOTHER Conspiracy Theory.

Announced last night 8pm run vs. @DWStweets again. At 2am my computer was attacked & surge protector fried. Same happened last campaign.


As if pushing the Seth Rich Bullshit wasn't bad enough.


Winger Talking Point---Must Be Impeachment Before Prosecution. Ken Starr Already Proved that Wrong.

The latest talking point put out by the right, desperately trying to protect this President, is that the President must be impeached before a criminal prosecution can go forward.

That's simply not true. Ken Starr hauled Bill Clinton before the federal grand jury, seeking a true bill on perjury counts.

And he would have prosecuted the President, but the federal grand jury refused him---basically, they weren't going to bring criminal charges arising from lying about a blowjob.

And only then did Impeachment commence.

NBC will have a Sandy Hook truther on Father's Day.

Think about that for a moment folks....the network that is riding high on us watching Rachel Maddow will have Megyn Kelly hosting a Sandy Hook truther on Father's Day.

A man who by the way has lost custody of his own children.

Sandy Hook parents get to go to the cemetery on Father's Day. Alex Jones gets to go on NBC.

I'm Crying.

I'm crying because this is my fucking democracy and I am watching a man that I think has done the wrong thing with regard to Hillary Clinton......

And whonis carefully fucking dismantling this whole fucking lunatic asylum that is Donald Trump.
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