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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
Number of posts: 3,552

Journal Archives

House closes until 11th January

What No removing Teump?

We have a New President

Woo hoo

Suck it traitors

7 Worst of the Worst Senators, hopefully soon to be censured

The Pennsylvania vote failed in the Senate 7-92.
The 7 Republican 'yes' votes:
Hyde Smith
Scott (Fl)

2 Videos: The Bible" Police Attack on BLM Peaceful Protesters vs Today

Refresh the memory. Comparison clearly demonstrates how differently races are treated by police UP UNTIL Jan 20th. A new Sheriff will be in town!

Police treatment of peaceful BLM protesters


Police 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or lack thereof Today

Someone Is Losing Again Tonight 😂😂😂

Riot Reveal: Insurrection Call to Action by...,

2nd Video - Listen to the invitation to March to the Capital. Sufficient evidence for Congressional action or the 25th.


He says “We’re going to...” & “Let’s... both connoting his leadership.

Rupar’s Twitter stream includes vignettes of the loony tune speeches preceding the violent attack on Congress.

1947 Bing Crosby's "Man Without a Country" - Perfect Punishment for The Thugs Threatening Congress

His 1947 Thanksgiving talk opens “in the wake of a war against demagogues & bigots”

He then reads some of the short story “Man Without a Country” about an anarchist that renounced the USA. His punishment was to have his citizenship revoked & then be loaded onto a ship and never ever allowed to set down on American soil. He died of old age on that ship.

So round up these anti-Constitution “Anti-Con” seditionists, revoke their citizenship, load them onto ships and keep them off our land forever.

Banishment of armed, violent Anti-Constitutionalists that take part in armed sedition is the only logical deterrence.

Can we never mention it's name on DU again ✨🙏✨

I’m cancelling Direct Tv. Useless. All shows are topic reruns I have AppleTV. News on YouTube

Republican Shit Sandwich Pandemic Pass Off

I will be calling & nagging Congress a LOT.
We can make a difference.

I remember Obama saying “Make me do it” I think 🤷🏻‍♀️


Roll up our sleeves
We finally beat the #Republicants

America can sigh in relief.

Now we have to make Congress & President Biden house & feed Americans during this #Republican #ShitSandwich #Pandemic pass off.

SOS different decade!


Bye minority McScrooge

Just for Sh*ts & Giggles

84,000,000 people should write this tweet to the con.

Thank you for f’ing over Georgia SoS

Just musing outloud.

Are we all giddy?
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