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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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They Just WANT TO WATCH The Poor Die When They Get Sick So Bad

Soooooooo bad.

God Republicans are evil.


So F-ing Evil.

Mick Mulvaney - Director OMB - Is Lying Human Feces

On SOTU he said we need to "Poll the American People" because Republicans should keep working on "healthcare".

News for asshole.

They did poll the American People.

Almost 90% of them don't like what Republicans are doing.

Taking away healthcare from millions of Americans to impress brainwashed racist Fox News zombies is very unpopular regardless what universe you live in Mulvaney.

Shove your "repeal" up your ass Mulvaney.


At least Tapper mentioned Obamacare is popular.


It's Tax Cuts For Billionaires - Not - Tax Reform

Get used to saying it.

Just like Bushes tax cuts.

Remember them?

Yes Mitch We Are Celebrating

And we enjoy watching you cry.

Wish Dems Would Start Using The Word "Evil" Before Uttering The Word Republican / Republicans

It would go a long way.

They are truly, and openly evil.

Pure evil.

Saying it really wouldn't hurt.

It may interrupt the brainwashing / programming their lemming followers eat every day.

Let Fox and Friends discuss if they are evil or not.

Dear Jeff Sessions - Trump Is Not Your Friend - Here's What You Do

Trump is using you like a cheap prostitute. He will get what he wants from you and then toss you onto the heap of all the others he used in his life. The pile is pretty big.

You are only there for one reason Jeff. To help him get away with his crimes of laundering money for the Russian Mafia to "stay" rich.

Trump couldn't make it as a real estate developer. Just look at his abysmal record. He had to resort to crime to "stay rich" and will do everything in his power to get away with it, just like all other criminals.

Here is what you do.

You announce you will be investigating his money laundering with a whole new separate investigation.

Go out with a bang, not whimpering like a puppy.

You'll be glad you did someday.

Either way Trump will be throwing you under the bus any day now.

Don't let him do it without paying a price.

All Republicans Are Evil Never Forget It For One Second

Every single person who calls themselves a Republican is simply evil.

Every single thing the Republican Party truly stands for and fights for is evil, and bad for our country and our world.

Don't pretend, and don't gloss it over. Even if you have Republican friends, don't deny the fact that they call themselves Republican, and that means they condone the voter suppression, billionaire welfare, and wholesale destruction of our environment. I could go on.

All Republicans Are Evil.

Make sure they know that you know how evil they are.

They are proud of their racism and lust for power deep down, and should not be able to walk around without someone being in their face calling them evil scum.

I know, I know, some are worse than others, and some do non evil acts sometimes. They are still, as a whole, evil. The word Republican stands for evil.

Bush's Lies About WMD's And Starting A War Pales In Comparison To This Shit Show

Millions of brainwashed Americans voted for this Trumpian shit show.

Our country is truly failing.



(or perish)

How Many Will Republicans Put To Death Today?

My hatred for ALL Republicans burns hot today.

The Republican Base THE Most Evil Scum Ever Hatched

Republicans make orcs look like outstanding citizens.
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