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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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McCain's Last Official Act Will Be To Sentence

Thousands to death.

Your move John.

Taking away healthcare from the sick is no better than what the Viet Kong did to you.

Now tell me I'm wrong.

It's Not Trump - It's His Base That Is The Problem - I Fear The End Of Democracy Is At Hand

I keep hearing it over and over on the teevee. As long as Trump's approval with Republicans is around 80% he has the power of god, and can do anything he wants. Fire Sessions, Mueller, or anyone else. Say, or do anything he wants. Republicans will not stand up to him because they fear they might piss off the racist zombie traitors who support him. What crimes he has committed don't matter to them one bit.

We are now a totalitarian state ran by an psychopath completely backed by millions of brainwashed traitors, billionaires that want a tax cut, and a party that wants all health decisions made by corporations. To them laws mean nothing. It's all about power, and keeping total power in "their" hands at any price.

Then you have the Sinclair Group owning 70% of local teevee helping the "conservatives" with their brainwashing of our families, and 99% of talk radio conservative hate radio spewing lies, hate, and nonsense 24/7.

Don't even get me started on voter purges, and voter suppression they are normalizing.

This is getting worse by the minute.

I fear for my country.

Anyone else?

Of Course Trump Laundered Money For The Russian Mafia It Was His Job

And he was very good at it.

Unfortunately, so did a lot of other well connected elites.

None of them will go to jail.

That's not how justice works.

Laws are only for poor people.

Laundering Money For The Russian Mob Government Is Legal

Trump has nothing to worry about.

Disagree? Then you don't understand how banks work.

The slimier the customer the higher the fees.

Welcome to economics 2017.

Launderers never get sent to prison.

They pay"fines" so the government gets a cut.

We're so screwed.

Trump - You Will Be Going To Jail - You Heard It Here First Folks

Prosecutor "finding strike zone" in Trump's financial records is the bi-line I just saw on MSNBC.

I just realized.

Trump WILL be going to jail.

I said months ago it is the money laundering that is the worst crime, and I think I am right.

Who else agrees?

Money Laundering For Russian Mob / Oligarchs Is Legal - You Don't Understand

Once you reach a certain level of wealth no laws apply to you.

If you don't understand this, you haven't been paying attention for a long time.

We all know Trump helped the Russian Mafia launder money, but it's legal. Even when #8 was investigated for creating 2,000 shell companies, and bank accounts to help Russians launder 1.4 billion dollars, even he wasn't arrested.

The wealthy extract from us, and the Russian people, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Anyone else understand this?

(Please Rec This Is Important - Us / Russian People Being Screwed)

Give Trump A Chance - I Hear It All The Time

Let Trump destroy our lives, our planet, and our economy by helping our oligarchs steal everything in sight with no restrictions?

I hear people who voted for Trump say "Give him a chance" all the time and it makes me want to puke.

We gave Trump a chance. He was elected, and began hiring cronies to loot our treasury and ignores ALL OVERSIGHT REQUESTS.

Trump and his friends have shown their only intention is to help the filthy rich steal more, and it is obvious.

He had his chance, and hired wealthy cronies (or criminals too rich to arrest) to loot our nation. Like Wilbur Money Launderer Ross.

So there lemmings, he had his chance.

Even the ethics head quit because Trump has no ethics, or intention of being ethical.

Now Trump needs to be opposed / resisted by all Americans with a working brain.

Pence Is Lying Live On MSNBC Right Now - Premiums Went Up Because

Insurers couldn't rescind policies of sick people, and sell junk worthless low cost garbage any more.

Real insurance costs money.

Would Pence want his health care taken away?

Total Scum.

Why Are Republicans So Evil? Any Thoughts?

Would Jesus vote to repeal Obamacare?

Thanatos Turtle Of Death Will Force Bloodthirsty Senators To Vote To Kill Thousands Of Americans

To impress Fox News watching Medicare using imbecile brainwashed lemmings. In other words, modern Conservatives.

They got them sum Medicare so y'all can just go die types!

My hatred for most Republicans is red hot.
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