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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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Oh By The Way Not Disclosing Meeting Is Actually A Crime Jr.

As if that mattered.

Rince Priebus Says Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian A Big Nothingburger

Sure Rince.

In IDon'tCareIfItIsTreasonland.


If it's a Republican it isn't treason right Rince?

Trump Jr. Kushner and Manafort Are Traitors Working With Russians To Swing Election - Traitors!

They should be arrested immediately and held without bail.

I know, I know....

They are Republicans and Republicans can not commit any crime ever. They are above the law.


Hillary Ran Against Trump and Russia At The Same Time - Trump Is Illegitimate 100% - Resign Now

He needs to resign immediately, and a new election called by the Fascist 5 on the Supreme Court.

This was not an election.

It was a sham.

It should not stand.

Republicans Love Putin Cuz He Kills His Foes


It's not like CNN is asking people why they are protesting

CNN is part of the corporate "capitalist" BRAINWASHING.

Corporatists / Corporations Profit We Pay The Externalities Why Thousands Are Protesting

Thousands of people in Hamburg don't like our planet / people being screwed.



God I Hate Marsha Blackburn

Giving people access to health care is not "government harming them".

Just a pure lying scum sucking normal Republican traitor.

We Absolutely Must Discuss The Brainwashing Of Republicans / Conservatives

I read a thread on DU while waiting in line to go into Roger Waters in Tacoma, and it really hit me. The author was explaining how some of her friends were "good people" but supported Trump.

Their point was they thought their friends were brainwashed by Fox and right wing radio.

I agree completely. I read a story years ago how a girl's father was a sweet, gentle, caring human being. He got a job where he had to drive 45 minutes to work, and started listening to hate radio. She saw him transform into a hate filled, bigoted, angry nut. Happened right before her eyes.

Here is the link http://www.thedailybeast.com/how-fox-news-and-the-right-wing-media-machine-made-my-dad-crazy

The brainwashing is very effective, and it is our world's number 2 problem, after money in politics.

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