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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

Journal Archives

Trump Is Distracting Us While Republicans

Plot to ______ our families.

We Can't Fix Obamacare Because The Freedom Caucus Wants Thousands To Die

These people are evil.

Simply evil.

No "fix" will work because the Freedom Caucus (scum) won't accept anything.

Would Jesus Strip 22 Million People's Health Care Republicans?

In order to give your "REAL" god Mammon an offering?

Gary Cohn Stop Lying About Obamacare

You are a lying piece of shit.

Obamacare isn't failing.

It simply needs tweaked and expanded.

It doesn't need "repealed" to be replaced with nothing/a lump of coal.

Screw your corporate profit first/sick people die ideology.

The Law The Law The Law Attacking Immigrants

And ignoring pretty much all other laws.

Only immigration law matters to Trump and his deplorables.

What an asshole.

If you can't be mean to Latinos/Immigrants/Je... what good are you right?

Goebbels playbook to the letter.

We gotta hate/attack "them" instead of looking at "our" self loathing/shortcomings.

We gotta blame immigrants instead of the billionaires who are robbing us and destroying our world.

Republican Ideology Kill The Poor Go Ahead And Reach Out To Dems

Republicans want to cut healthcare benefits to millions of Americans, young and old. Many of them will die if they do.

Democrats want to cover every American for a fair price.

Ideology difference.

Good luck "working with Democrats" GOP.

This sucks doesn't it.....


Sarah Huckleberry Sanders Calls Press Dishonest - Dishonest?

She works for the greatest liar of all time, and is calling the press dishonest.

How many heads exploded in that room?

Give her credit. Covering for a lying scum bag isn't easy.

Jerkwad Senator Rounds Wants To Make Stinking Bill Better

Of course, without Democrats.

Babbling about the "problems" with Obamacare and mentioned how many "more" people in South Dakota (dumfukistan) will get insurance somehow some way. Saying "they want to get it right".


Work with Dems, and fix our system, and make it so more people, not 22 million less get coverage asshole.

No, really. Asshole.

Rounds you are a lying asshole.

You don't want poor people to get health coverage at all.

You want them to die.

Just admit it.

Anyone Else Sick Of The Constant Stream Of GOP Lies About Obamacare And Everything Else?

I'm serious. Just saw Republican congressman X say Obamacare is collapsing, and they want to give tax credits to folks who will be losing their Medicaid. Tax credits to help my 82 year old mother in law will go a long way to do what?

All they do is lie.

Maybe some ELECTED Democrats should start pointing out they (Republicans) are pathological liars, and you can't trust a word they say.

To hell with toning down. They are lying to pass their Deathcare bill. Just say it Dems.

I am sick of the lies.

Nancy Pelosi Gave 30,000,000 People Health Insurance And You Want To What?

Of course she had help, but she lifted something so heavy (with PBO) no one has done anything near as much lifting for the poor since the 60's.

You go girl.

Just because Republicans attack her, means we need to sack her?

Don't make me sick.

Republicans hate her because she helps poor people, not the billionaires they represent.
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