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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

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Press Never Mentions How Evil Republicans Actually Are And Pushing F-ing Unity

Every single thing the Republican Party stands for is pure evil.

Robbing the poor to help billionaires, and the corporations they own.
Making climate change worse.
Welfare for billionaires.
Billionaire tax cuts.
Cutting food stamps, medicaid, and medicare every chance they get.
Trying to privatize social security. The list goes on.

Republicans are simply, plainly, pure evil. And the press treats them like they are just "different" than Democrats, or liberals. All our problems are the fault of the corporate mouthpieces holding mics in front of cameras calling their acts and votes acceptable.

Now the press are all doing their "unity" tour with anyone who wants to ignore how evil Republicans REALLY are and call for "toning it down". With a whole party, backed by trillions of dollars of wealth, and billionaires who would kill us all if it meant another billion in their Swiss bank accounts, we are supposed to get along while they try to kill our families?

Now they are trashing the internet "hate speech" by the asshole shooter from yesterday. There are millions of us out there, possibly billions who hate Republicans guts, because of what they do. Why don't they interview us, and ask us why we hate them? At this point in time I think it would be appropriate.

Unity With Scumbags Trying To Take My Healthcare Away

To give billionaires more taxcuts?

When hell freezes over.

No, not even then....

Is Taking Healthcare From 23 Million An Act Of Terror?

If you say no, try paying 500k for a hospital visit.

I Have Been Calling Republican Congresscum All Day

I told them how angry I got every time they voted to take away my health insurance. I called it attempted murder, and it is. Try getting proper health care without insurance or money if you get real sick.

I told them I would never shoot anyone, but there are millions of Americans who hate their guts for what they are doing, and many folks may not be able to hold it back much longer, like the dude today. When the only thing they want to do is cut a trillion dollars from Medicaid to give more tax cuts to billionaires, and take away 23 million people's insurance how do they expect their victims to react. I told them 80% of Americans opposed their Repeal Garbage and they shoved it down our throats anyway. I said some will likely/undoubtedly react with violence. I don't condone it, but it is not too hard to understand why dude blew a gasket today. Every time a Republican votes it is like a knife wound to someone's family.

I doubt they really give a shit.

They haven't given a shit about anyone but the rich for decades, and I doubt they will change on their own. Their base has been programmed to "hate liberals" no matter what and can not be reasoned with. Republicans have to appease rabid drooling foaming at the mouth inbred scum to win their gerrymandered primaries, and it only goes downhill from there. All the way to hell.

Hopefully someday I won't have to hate Republicans. They would have to change big time for that to happen.

There is always hope.

And No One Was Armed In The Dugout And Someone Was Blasting Away

Now a few Republicans know THE FEAR many of the rest of us feel every day with angry nut jobs packing heat EVERYWHERE.

Shooting Jim Cramer You Got It Wrong Its Not Language Its Actions

Turned on the tee vee this morning, and saw Jim Cramer mansplain how partisan our country has become, and how the "language" is so bad blah, blah, bad language, blah and more blahs.... Language, language, language.

Jim, it is not language that sets people off (he called crazy).

It's trying to take away their healthcare to free up money to give to the filthy rich. "Some politicians" think it is fine to watch our children die because we can't afford overpriced pills, or a $5,000 a day hospital bed, and their child's only crime was not being born rich.

I have medical problems, and trying to take away my healthcare (or make it unaffordable) is a threat on my life, period. PERIOD

I am truly amazed "something bad" hasn't already happened.

I would never attack anyone, or encourage others to take matters into their own hands, but others may not have my filters, or may love their children, or may not think billionaires should own everything.

Republicans Would Happily Kill My Family

If somehow it made some billionaire richer. Every thing they do is the proof. They want my family dead.

Republicans Know They Are Evil How To Make Them Pay For Their Evil?

Other than voting them out of office.

This isn't about violence, because I think most people can be redeemed.

What can we do when we are dealing with people who know they are evil, and doing evil, and simply don't care.

Cutting food stamps for starving families. Cutting school lunches. Taking health insurance from 23 million Americans. The list goes on. They don't care.

Anyone know any way to make them pay besides making them have to get real jobs?


How Do I Control My Rage?

Every time I see any Republican Traitor mouthing lies on the tee vee, and trying to trick stupid people into supporting basically treason I get mad. Real mad.


Trump, Ryan, Mitch, and all the rest of the "CONservative" traitors. Constantly lying, and trying to distract us while they are crushing the poor, destroying the environment, screwing over our children, covering for criminals, and the list goes on forever.

How do you folks control your rage?

I can barely handle this.

God I Hate Paul Ryan

I see him trying to sell his death to the poor agenda, and we all know who he serves.


He is worse than Trump.
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