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Comfortably_Numb's Journal
Comfortably_Numb's Journal
June 16, 2017

Dear Republican: Here is That Apology You Keep Asking For:

To those Republicans demanding an apology after the senseless and horrifying shooting in Virginia, here you go:

1. I'm sorry that your mindless support of the NRA and its goal to put a gun in the hands of every American has, no pun intended, backfired. I'm sorry that someone exercised their "second amendment remedies" against you, which must come as a surprise given your advocacy that it be used exclusively against Democrats and progressives. I'm sorry that because of you, a person with a history of domestic violence and/or mental illness is not restricted from owning a gun.
2. I'm sorry that your callous disrespect for the last duly elected President, who won both the popular and electoral votes, has been turned against your man. That, while still far short of screaming "you lie" at a Presidential address before a joint session of Congress, you feel as though your man is on the receiving end of scorn and ridicule. That you denigrated the office of the President, forgetting that at some point you might occupy said office. The proverbial chickens have come home to roost.
3. I'm sorry that you have been so successful in destroying public trust in the government and its relevance in the lives of ordinary Americans that people feel like violence is the only way to have their voice heard.
4. I'm sorry that you have supported a man that pressed hard for a healthcare plan that is, in his own words, "mean" and "hurtful," and which will deny healthcare to millions of hard-working Americans.
5. I'm sorry that you turned a blind eye, knowing all that you knew, to the fact that you were consciously electing a perjurer, thief, compulsive liar, and an admitted sexual abuser. A failed businessman who has sold you the most vile jar of "nothing" imaginable.
6. I'm sorry that you have reset your moral compass to align with a man who has no moral fiber in his being. Who has demonstrated that he has no commitment to the institution of marriage, which you superficially value so much you would deny its benefit to people whose lifestyle brings you discomfort.
7. I'm sorry your party did not have the political backbone to stand up to a self-serving narcissist whose primary goal is clearly to benefit himself and his family, at the expense of the American people.

So there is your apology. Choke on it.

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