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Comfortably_Numb's Journal
Comfortably_Numb's Journal
February 16, 2024

While Orange Criminus took the big hit today, the whole thieving drumph clan got caught up in it:

The daughter/mistress Ceramic Princess was judged to have conveniently lost and found her memory, depending on whom was doing the questioning;
Gums and Snowball were also shown to be liars and corrupt.
Great day!!

February 3, 2024

So let's check in on the world's finest judicial system 10 months out from the election ...

1. Diaper Don is still out fomenting insurrection and election denialism.
2. Pig Pen three shirts is still advocating for the violent overthrow of the government and grifting.
3. The GA election interference case has devolved into a “who’s sleeping with the DA” sideshow.
5. Judge Loose Canon is all but sucking Donnie’s wilted shroom hoping for her SCOTUS appointment.
6. SCREWUS is dismantling the regulatory state, destroying the right to vote, denying women bodily autonomy and taking bribes.
7. The DC appeals court is writing the consummate opinion on whether the Cheeto Shitgibbon is immune for life, to be delivered after it’s too late to hold douche-alini accountable.

Thank Odin for a fearless 80 year old superwoman who is giving Donnie skidmark fits, holding his necrotic feet to the fire, and costing him a fortune.
E Jean for President. She’s the only one getting work done when it comes to Combover Caligula.

January 24, 2024

Hat tip to the DC appeals court who are taking their sweet time to swat down drumph's bullshit immunity argument.....

Forcing judge Chutkin to delay the orange menace’s March trial illustrates that the joke of a justice system is just that—-a joke. Fucking clown show.
January 16, 2024

Thank you.....Lilly white Iowa republicans. While the majority of you went in for the insurrectionist, at least you rid

the nation of the plague of Vivek Ramaslimy, the pump and dump faux businessman. That does not absolve you of the vote for the rapist.

January 9, 2024

Judge Chutkan and SC Jack Smith ----swatted. DA Willis and AG James-death threats "judge" Cannon no criticism.

Tells you everything you need to know about her place in the magat Kingdom. Does anyone really mean to tell me that justice is blind???? She is a disgrace to the judiciary and a brain dead magat sympathizer!

December 20, 2023

The Sycophant Christmas Magat parade to honor Orange Jesus has all the usual suspects and suck ups.

They’re clutching those pearls like they’re underage Pages. Anyone notice any surprises?

December 11, 2023

So, what are the odds that Harlan Crow's lickspittle SCOTUS Justice "Slappy" Thomas recuses from the expedited appeal

that Jack Smith filed today? Jenni being a full-throated insurrectionist and all, Harlan might be the least of “Steven’s” concerns. To hell with Clarence Thomas.

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