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Member since: Wed Jun 21, 2017, 10:05 PM
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Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself

because I love you, yes I do


The contrast in the 2016 election was astounding.

One candidate campaigned on open bigotry, the other on inclusiveness.

One candidate sold economic pipedreams and lies, the other offered realistic and rational solutions.

One candidate was a fucking ignorant idiot in regards to foreign policy, the other candidate was the most knowledgeable foreign policy candidate we have ever had.

One candidate didn't believe in the need for environmental protections. The other candidate was endorsed by the best environmental groups we have.

One candidate, didn't understand the health care crises at all. The other candidate has spend her life working on improving health care access.

One candidate was a selfish, racist, sexist, bigoted, asshole moron. The other candidate has been the most admired person in the world for decades.

This wasn't rocket science.

What have Nader, Stein and the Green's accomplished,

aside from helping to elect W and Trump?

For all of their complaining, all of their incessant outrage, have they accomplished anything aside from the above?

Dems push back against anti-Pelosi insurgents

House Democrats are pushing back against the small but vocal group of colleagues trying to oust Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), fearing the internal rift is damaging the party’s chances of winning back the House next year. Whatever you think of Pelosi’s leadership, these voices say, the middle of the cycle is no time to attempt an insurrection. “We ought to be focused on 2018 [and] not be distracted by who we have [as leader] right now,” said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas). “We can’t be talking about this … right after we had a November election. “We’ve got to focus on 2018.


But a growing number of Democrats, representing a crosscut of regions and ideologies, say blaming Pelosi for the Democrats’ losses is misguided because any leader the Democrats seat will instantly become the target of similar GOP attack ads. “It’s being taken out of context,” said Rep. (D-N.C.), former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. “If it was a [Steny] Hoyer, or if it was a [James] Clyburn, or if it was whoever — Linda Sanchez — anyone we would elect would have a negative in certain parts of the country.” Rep. (D-Va.) agreed, citing the Republicans’ attack ads on former Speaker Tip O’Neil (D-Mass.) amid the oil crisis of 1980. “They demonized him. They made commercials with him looking like a fat, out-of-touch guy who was laughing all the way while the car was running out of gas,” Connolly said. “Two years later he’s the hero of senior citizens [for] protecting Social Security and protecting the country against the ravages of Ronald Reagan. “Things change, images can change,” he added. “Public opinion can be very fickle.” With that in mind, many Democrats say, Pelosi’s public dissenters are undermining the party’s efforts to forge a 2018 economic message and contrast it against that of President Trump and the Republicans. “Members are getting pretty tired of these ‘Democrats divided,’ stories,” said a Democratic aide keeping tabs on the ongoing saga.


This small group is getting on my nerves. I'm with Nancy.

The very personal, destructive effect,

that this asshole's election win has had on many is undeniable.

We need to fight his disgustingness, and call out those who contribute to it.

Any soul searching or investigation into the 2016 election results, must begin with how the hell this asshole won.

I don't want to hear about lack of messaging.

Trump's message was loud and clear, and as disgusting as it was, it won.

I don't want to hear about lack of passion or enthusiasm. If this election didn't get you to get off of your ass and vote, shit, nothing will.

What I do want to hear, is how the hell we are going to stop this asshole.

What I do want to hear is how we are going to work our asses off to regain Congressional seats.

This is not the time to trash the Democratic Party. We didn't elect this asshole.

If you are a liberal leaning Green member, or a libertarian, or independent, or whatever, you need to help us get rid of this monster.

That is the one, and only goal.

bathroom politics


corporate dem, neoliberal, oligarch

If I were to do a shot every time these phrases were cast at normal, everyday Democrats,

I'd be dead from alcohol poisoning.

Summertime is the time for tomato sandwiches

Share your favorite tomato sandwich recipes

Here's mine,

1. Pick a tomato from your garden. If you don't have a garden, find a local farm stand.

Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT buy some rubbery, red tomato from your grocery store.

Find a real freaking tomato, otherwise do not bother.

2. Toast your favorite bread.

3. Slice your juicy, delicious tomato as thin or thick as you like.

4. When your toast pops up, slather it with mayonnaise. Hellman's is my preference.

5. Salt and pepper that toast, generously.

6. Place slices of your yummy, ripe, juicey tomato on the toast.

7. Cut your sandwich diagonally, or vertically, it doesn't really matter.

8. Eat it! It's yummy.

I like ABBA, and if you don't, you are going on my ignore list.


Long ago, and oh so far away

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