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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 03:41 PM
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Ivanka shilling "tax overhaul"

Watching the regional 4 p.m. news and the lead story was Ivanka being in Greenville, SC to push how wonderful the tax scam was.

I SERIOUSLY cannot stand that woman talking. Everything about her annoys me to the core. The pretense and affect are stifling!

Anyway, looks like she is out on tour trying to talk this up and paint a rosy picture for women. All the Republican lackeys were there of course. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) praised Ivanka for her 'strong, powerful backbone.' UGH. Nothing but an invite-only pep rally to the faithful. I guess no one wanted her in Davos, so we were burdened with her presence.

Here's an article from Greenville News:


Anthem at today's Presidents Cup presentation

I mentioned this in a post in another thread, but do you think they'll play the anthem after Trump presents the cup to the Americans?

Lord help us. Wrapped in flags and hands on hearts as one big "F YOU." I don't think the International Team is going to win.

Could be.

Think about it. It's a long holiday weekend where people have their attention elsewhere and newsrooms have light staffing. If Trump is going to rip the Band-Aid, it would be a strategic time to do so. It would be Wednesday before people came out of their holiday fog.
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