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Profile Information

Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 10,507

Journal Archives

So true.

I have not seen an ounce of effort toward anti-globalism other than hot air. Even those elected on that basis eventually succumb to the lobbyists, special favors and campaign funds.

Globalism is one of the foundation stones of the GOP, with huge support from multinational corporations and hedge funds, and international media companies.

I seems that big money always wins, in the end.

"at a Virginia Beach church" ?? WTF

Is this your typical Rethug or what?

Spewing hatred and telling gross lies in a house of worship is a GOP norm, it seems. All endorsed by (their) Gawd.

The Gingrichian-Rand Church of Prosperity!

"regaining peace of mind" is a daily challenge.

Thanks for reminding me of that documentary. I followed her story for a while, when the film was till in development - but forgot it. I don't have streaming video and have low internet bandwidth, so I'm going to order it on DVD (it's linked to Amazon for $25). I can also watch it at a friend's house on one of the streaming services.

For those not aware of it, see: http://www.thebrainwashingofmydad.com/

Sadly, I don't even go "home" to TN anymore, as it's a sea of blood-red bullshit. I've lost contact with all of my 1965 classmates because of that dilemma. It's sickening and un-American the way they've divided us. So, I feel your pain!

It took me many years to acquire a tad of wisdom...

and finally be willing to look at the emotional impacts of my actions, rather than just the immediate obvious results.

That's still a challenge today (at 70), but at least I'm aware.

Good article, thanks Pluvious. Some thoughts...

Rupert Murdoch (News Corp./Fox) and talk radio owners have known this psychology for many decades and have used it very effectively. A normal, mentally healthy and well-educated populace would have discredited their dogma from the beginning and they would not have survived. They also use additional tools such as sex appeal, sensationalism and consumerism to maintain an audience.

Our primitive brain succumbs to repetition and all the while our modern brain tries to fight that with facts, logic and reason. Makes for a discomforting, unconscious, continuous internal mental battle. Those of us on the "truth" side feel the pain. Those who are in the right-wing bubble are quite comfortable because they are not exposed to counter-facts, logic and reason.

If we could get all Congress critters that took Norquist's anti-tax pledge to take a Pro-Truth Pledge referenced in that article (and be faithful to it), we might have a functioning government again.

See: https://www.protruthpledge.org/

I am a dreamer, LOL.

"The country is getting divided?" LOL.

Where the hell has this guy been? Great to hear this dialog, but I'm betting someone's profits are threatened.

"A frequent donor to Republican political campaigns?" You, sir, are a threat to democracy and a hypocrite.

Struggle4progress, thanks for the post and link!

Honeycomb, a follow-up thought.

I'll bet there are well-oiled ($$$) machines behind these sites that keep track of the conspiracies and continually feed them new aspects and talking points. Perhaps foreign agents, perhaps Americans. Plenty of rogue actors around the world that want to keep us disoriented, angry and fearful.

Therefore, the everyday Bubba never has a chance to get his/her facts straight with constant streams of BS.

At a higher level, I heard many times that the Bush administration and Fox News were fed a constant diet of talking points by right-wing think tanks such as Heritage Foundation, and we can bet that continues today.

Beyond the horror of what they are doing, what pisses me off is...

that we are paying their salaries and the cost of that damned agency to usurp our Constitution and what millions have worked so hard to build for many decades.

And to top it off, as a defense, we have to privately fund groups such as ALCU and SPLC to counter these bastards.

Would love to see Sarah Huckabuck charged or somehow censored.

Our problem is three-fold as I see it:

1. We don't have enough charismatic spokespersons to which the people and the press are drawn.

2. We don't have the vast array of public media as the right does, with their talk radio stations and Faux News.

3. As others have said, we're failing to frame the issues in ways that appeal to people's base instincts, fears and desires.

In other words, we're too damn quiet, factual, rational and boring!

Let's hammer their politicians.

I seriously doubt if many of the GOP Congress critters involve themselves in this right-wing propaganda outlet and social media conspiracy mania. I really think they isolate themselves from that, and think they are above it!

Therefore, it is up to us to let them know of our disgust for the systemic corruption of this administration, but in a factual way. We can also express our disgust toward their corporate paymasters.

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