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SWBTATTReg's Journal
SWBTATTReg's Journal
October 14, 2020

I may have this topic in the wrong category, but I was tracking all of the underhanded ways that...

republicans were trying to steal elections, vote suppression, etc. from the topics of various DU posts over the last several days. I was amazed at all of the tactics that they were using. They are desperate. The tactics include...

Barr interfering w/ elections by removing restrictions, allowing his Justice Dept free rein;
The state of FL not allowing felons to vote unless they paid their fines in full;
Photo IDs required;
Installing or only allowing one ballot box per county;
Having only one polling place open for a major population area;
Constant lying by trump and cronies about literally all issues (seniors, fracking, etc.);
Interference by outsiders on town hall meetings Racist trolls hijacked a Zoom town hall to hurl slurs at Connecticut's first Black congresswoman;
Removing sorting machines from USPS offices, delaying the mail, other tactics;
Fake stories about Osama bin Laden being killed by Seal Team 6 etc. (distorting Obama’s achievement);
Wohl and his buddy calling voters and telling them that if they voted, bill collectors would come after them; Wohl, 22, and Burkman, 54, were hit last week with a range of charges by Michigan’s attorney general that largely stem from a robocall scheme that targeted majority-black voters in urban areas, including Detroit and cities in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois;
Cutting the amount of time to register to be able to vote;
Coming up w/ nonsense issues to deflect voter concerns about trump, e.g., wearing of masks, social distancing rules, etc.;
Hunter Biden issue (of course this is a non-issue, trying to make it an issue by stating false facts about this whole thing, Burisma);
Wolf Blitzer seemingly disparaged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California efforts on the latest COVID-19 stimulus package. Ms. Pelosi called CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer efforts "an apologist for the Republican position";
Thugs outside the polls, trying to intimidate voters from voting;
Try some legal tricks to maintain control of the executive branch, maintain that voting in some areas was illegal, etc., in other words, rely on the Courts for a win of some kind, should Mr. Biden win in Nov. 2020;

October 3, 2020

I thought that trump took hydroxychloroquine (or he claimed to), when he was pushing for this ...

drug to be made legal in treating the Coronavirus. Seems like a century ago, and some of us on DU thought that he must have had a financial interest in the drug (made in India I think).

Sure didn't do him any good, eh?

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