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Doc Sportello

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Channelview Estates
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 7,263

Journal Archives

CNN: Keilar crushes Faux News for Bill Gates attacks

A beautiful thing to watch:


Jeff Bridges feeling fine, shaves head, gets a puppy


Coming up on CNN: Brianna roasting repugs, enablers

Roll the Tape: Taking aim at Bartolomo, repug officials, etc. Should be fun.

Report: Remote controlled machine gun used in Iranian assassination

Methinks someone watched the Breaking Bad finale:


Scaramucci: "He's only as powerful as his willing accomplices."


“He’s only as powerful as his willing accomplices,” Scaramucci said. “Because the way demagogues are, they gotta have people like [Sen.] Lindsey Graham [R-S.C.] around that will do anything and kowtow to them. ... I’ve been on the plane with him where he has sycophants around him, and he gives a big smirk like, ‘Can you believe that this guy is doing this, can you believe that this guy is my lap dog?’ He actually has disdain for these people.”

Keilar is tearing the repubs a new one over their Covid response

Everyone from Ted Cruz to the SD governor. It's going on now with more to come. Definitely worth watching. I'll post a link when it comes online.

Anybody heard if they've called Arizona?

Carl Bernstein: "He's going to go."

Just now on CNN. He also said McConnell believes in the transition (believe it or not) and that he knows there are 20 repub senators who absolutely despite trump and are glad he lost and want him out. Yes drumpf will create chaos and gnashing of teeth with firings and tweets, etc. but in the end, he's going.

Fear not, drumpf's power is going to dwindle and dwindle

There have been several posts about how drumpf is more dangerous than ever and we have so much to fear from him. Except that the opposite is true. There has never been a greater example of a lame duck president in our nation's history. He will have less and less relevance going forward and he will lose interest in a job he didn't have much interest in anyway. He'll continue to bluster but who cares except for his followers. Certainly not the people who run our institutions, who have had to put up with him but are now glad to see him go and won't let him do something crazy like start a war. All he cares about is feeding his ego and he can get that by continuing to hold rallies that will grow smaller and smaller over time as the whole charade becomes more and more pathetic.

Let's remember what U.S. Grant said to his generals shortly after taking over as commanding general of the Union Army. They kept telling him what a great general Lee was and what he was going to do to them. Grant responded, "Bobby Lee, Bobby Lee. Stop thinking about what he is going to do to you and think about what you are going to do to him."

Let's stop spreading fear about what drumpf is supposedly going to do and think about what is actually happening. He lost the election. Military leaders have said they are not going to get involved in the election. The judges have consistently shown they aren't going to get involved. I guarantee you some of the repub congress people who support him publicly didn't even vote for him and are glad to see him go. The wheels are in motion.

Yes, he's sick and evil and mentally unwell and can do some harmful things before he leaves - all of which would be overturned once he's gone. But the institutionalists are already moving on and there is nothing - no matter how much he blusters or threatens or tries to bully - he can do about. The people who control the major levers of government have no reason to fear him anymore. Neither should we.

Increased Secret Service protection and restricted air space over DE indicate one thing

That the wheels are in motion and it's not the deep state. It's how the U.S. system works and there is nothing drumpf and his enablers can do about it.

This was reported on CNN and now they are talking about how the Congressional repubs are giving weak responses to drumpf's traitorous claims, and now have to show they care about America first.
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